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Does Pizza Hut Make Dessert Pizza?

If you are a big fan of different pizzas, you may be asking yourself whether or not Pizza Hut makes dessert pizzas.

Pizza Hut is one of the top pizza restaurants in the world, with over 3000 locations in the USA and close to 20000 locations worldwide. They are dedicated to making perfect pizzas to achieve their customers’ satisfaction.

In addition to pizza, they also offer a range of pasta and wings along with breadsticks, garlic bread, beverages, and cheese sticks.

Unfortunately, Pizza Hut does not have Dessert Pizza at the moment. However, they have other delicious desserts, such as the Chocolate Fudge Brownie, on their menu.

This article will take you through some of the best pizzas on the Pizza Hut menu. Keep reading to learn more.

pizza recipes
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Best Pizza Hut Specialty Pizzas

Pizza Hut has a huge range of options, making it confusing to choose the pizza you want. Since they discontinued their dessert pizzas, here are other specialty pizzas to consider at the restaurant.

BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger Pizza

The BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger is an innovative and creative pizza you need to try at Pizza Hut. Its popularity has forced the company to place it on its staple menu.

Pizza Hut combines everything good in the world of pizza to make this delicious pizza.

This pizza is a hybrid of classic bacon cheeseburger with a pizza base and BBQ sauce. It also comes with diced Roma tomatoes and fresh red onions.

While it is just good for any pizza lover, it is a great option for individuals with a huge appetite and indecisive palate. 

Chicken Supreme Pizza

We all love chicken, and when it comes to pizza, chicken is an excellent topping. The Chicken Supreme Pizza or Chicken-Bacon Parmesan

Supreme is one of the best pizzas at Pizza Hut. It comes covered in pieces of bacon, chicken, caramelized onions, and mushrooms.

The caramelized onions will tickle both your veggie and meat-loving sides. If you want a creamy pizza for a change, this is the best option at Pizza Hut. 

Hawaiian Luau Pizza

pizza recipes
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For many years, there has been debate about whether or not pineapple is a good topping for pizza. However, there is no doubt that it is one of the most popular choices at Pizza Hut.

While a regular Hawaiian pizza is yummy, Pizza Hut’s Hawaiian Luau is a step above. The restaurant switches up the flavor by adding extra cheese and smoked bacon to this delicious dish.

They also combine various ingredients to ensure that you savor every bite. The Hawaiian Luau pizza is a great choice if you want to get your pineapple hit.

Veggie Lover’s Pizza

If you are a vegetarian or just not a big meat fan, this Veggie Lover’s Pizza at Pizza Hut is an excellent choice. This delicious pizza is full of fun and excitement.

If you are looking for a pizza to enjoy with your family and friend, Pizza Hut has you covered with the Veggie Lover’s Pizza.

The Veggie Lover’s Pizza is packed with various vegetables, such as black olives, green peppers, mushrooms, tomatoes, and onions.

These vegetables will fill your pizza with flavor and make it a yummy treat that any pizza lover will enjoy eating. Therefore, if you are a vegetarian, this is a perfect choice at Pizza Hut.

Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza

Although a margarita pizza is not for everyone, we cannot leave this yummy cheesy pizza off the list. Even if you are not a big fan of a plain cheese pizza, taking a slice of it just to watch the cheese stretch can be more comforting.

The Ultimate Cheese Lover’s Pizza at Pizza Hut is made of Romano, Parmesan, and Alfredo sauce. In addition, it comes with the restaurant’s signature cheese. It is an absolute delight and one of the best options on Pizza Hut’s menu.

BBQ Lover’s Pizza

The BBQ Lover’s Pizza is another wonderful choice on Pizza Hut’s menu. It is an excellent choice for pizza enthusiasts who would want BBQ sauce instead of the classic marinara sauce.

While BBQ sauce on pizza is a choice, this BBQ Lover’s Pizza is for you if you like to ride against the waves.

It has a classic pizza base topped with chicken, BBQ sauce, sweetcorn, and bacon. This gives the pizza a taste that any pizza lover will like and fall for. One thing that makes it so wonderful is that it is not for everyone.

Therefore, if you want to stand out from others, you should try this delicious pizza from Pizza Hut.

Pepperoni Pizza

Pepperoni pizza is one of the flavors that have been around for many years. Pizza Hut’s Pepperoni pizza is a classic for a reason.

It is simple and not fancy or overdone. It is also dependable. While it might not be everyone’s favorite, many pizza lovers like it because they can always rely on it.

You can not go wrong if you buy a pepperoni pizza. The restaurant’s pepperoni pizza is a little spicier and crispier. Therefore, if you want to stick to what you know and love, this Pizza Hut’s Pepperoni Pizza is a yummy and safe bet.

Super Supreme Pizza

If you are looking for a tried, tested, and certified combination, you should try this Super Supreme Pizza at Pizza Hut. It is one of the most popular pies at the restaurant.

As the name suggests, it is a supreme delicacy with a wide range of pizza toppings. 

This Super Supreme pizza from Pizza Hut comes with over eight toppings. It includes ham, beef, pork, Italian sausage, a wide variety of vegetables, and pepperoni.

This will ensure there is something for every pizza lover in the dish. The pizza has a truly scrumptious taste. If you are looking for a pizza with a lot of toppings, you can consider this yummy pizza from Pizza Hut.

Meat Lover’s Pizza

Pizza Hut’s Meat Lover’s Pizza is one of the best pizzas at the restaurant. It comes packed with various toppings of the meat variety. The base is topped with two types of cheese, marinara sauce, hot sausage, bacon, pepperoni, and ham. 

If you like some meat on your pizza, this Meat Lover’s Pizza at Pizza Hut is what you need to go for. It is a yummy pizza you will enjoy with your family and friends.

Pepperoni Pizza

pizza recipes
Source: people.com

We all love pepperoni, so it would have been a crime not to include it on our list. It is a flavor that has been around for a long time. Although it might not be everyone’s favorite pizza, many pizza lovers like it since they can always rely on it. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Dessert Pizza?

A dessert pizza is a pizza prepared with a sweet base sauce. The base can be cream, honey, caramel, or chocolate-based.

The crust can be a normal pizza dough without savory flavorings like Italian herbs. It is then topped with artfully arranged fresh fruit and sweetened cream cheese.

When was Dessert Pizza Invented?

The modern dessert pizza is believed to have been invented in Naples, Italy, in the 18th century. However, it was not until sometime between the end of the second world war and the early 1980s that there was a record of modern dessert pizzas like fruit pizza.

Does Pizza Hut Offer Dessert Pizza?

No! Pizza Hut does not have dessert pizza. However, they have several dessert items on their menu. Some of the desserts on their menu include Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookie, Cinnamon Sticks, Cinnabon® Mini Rolls, and Triple Chocolate Brownie.

Which Pizza Chain Has the Best Dessert?

If you are looking for a good pizza chain with the best dessert pizza, you can consider Dominoes. According to research and online testimonials, their dessert pizzas are top-notch. Papa John’s also has excellent dessert pizzas.

Can you Order Pizza Online at Pizza Hut?

Yes, you can order pizza online at Pizza Hut, which will be delivered to your location. To order, you will have to visit their website, choose your desired pizza, and place an order.

They have thousands of restaurants in the United States of America and worldwide.

Does Pizza Hut Offer Gluten-Free Pizza

Pizza Hut has a variety of gluten-free pizzas for its customers. Most of their standard pizza toppings are naturally gluten-free. You can also buy gluten-free pizza at Papa John’s and Dominoes.



If you were asking whether or not Pizza Hut offers dessert pizza, you are now answered. The restaurant does not make dessert pizzas.

However, they have other desserts on their menus, such as Cinnamon Sticks and Ultimate Chocolate Chip Cookies. They also offer a variety of specialty pizzas.