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Does Pizza Hut Make Gluten Free Pizza?

With so many pizza chains out there, it’s best for us to focus on just one option right now, and that option is Pizza Hut. So, does Pizza Hut make a gluten-free pizza?

With so many people now avoiding gluten in their diet, where do you stand when it comes to pizza? Of course, the normal crust is crammed full of gluten, so that is quickly ruled out, but do you have other options?

As one of the biggest out there, you would like to think that they would include a gluten-free option as standard, but do they?

That’s what we intend to look at right now to see if they do indeed make a gluten-free pizza. Also, is the pizza itself actually any good?

If you have experience eating gluten-free crust with pizza, then you will already know how tough it is to find a good one.

They generally vary from average to poor. So, where do Pizza Hut and its gluten-free option fit into this equation?

pizza hut gluten free

The Answer

Pizza Hut does indeed offer a gluten-free pizza to their customer, and they use Udi’s gluten-free crust rather than making their own. This in itself is not that unusual as most pizza chains use a specialist gluten-free company.

However, a gluten-free pizza at Pizza Hut does come with a number of limitations. Do not expect to have a range of sizes to choose from. That’s just not going to happen.

Also, one thing you will quickly notice with Pizza Hut is that you do have a couple of pre-prepared options along with the opportunity to make your own pizza. We do love this as it’s not always available everywhere.

So, what else should you know about gluten-free pizza from Pizza Hut

Why They Don’t Make Their Own Crust

Let’s get to this rather important point as to why Pizza Hut does not make its own gluten-free crust. As we said, it’s not unusual for this, as most do it, and they state it’s because they want to ensure the gluten-free crust is the best it possibly can be.

They pass this task onto a specialist company simply because they either do not want the trouble of making it, or they feel unable to do so. However, it should mean you get a certain consistency when it comes to the gluten-free crust, so it’s not all a bad thing.

Also, it means the crusts themselves pass the test as set by the Gluten Intolerance Group. While that’s a good thing, it does come with a few issues.

Cross Contamination at the Restaurant

The biggest problem remains at the restaurant and the very real chance of cross-contamination. While the gluten-free crusts themselves are free of gluten, it’s the way the staff then handles them that’s the problem.

Unfortunately, staff has a tendency to use the same equipment with both gluten-free crusts and those that contain gluten. They throw the crust down on a surface covered in flour that contains gluten, so the crust sadly ends up contaminated.

But that doesn’t happen at every Pizza Hut restaurant. However, you certainly cannot rule out it happening at the one you visit, so realize this could occur.

pizza hut gluten free

Your Pizza Options

But now onto something more positive, and that’s your gluten-free pizza options. One thing we love about Pizza Hut is they have opened up the possibility of you making your own pizza using the gluten-free crust.

It’s surprising that so many major chains have never really offered this option before, so it does give you more opportunity to make the perfect pizza.

But when you go to order their gluten-free crust, you need to keep a couple of points in mind.

First, not every topping is gluten-free. Be careful as it’s very easy to get caught out. Also, we will discuss the sauce later on because even that can lead to problems if you do not watch out.

You Have a Size Limitation

However, while you have a variety of options when it comes to creating your own mix of toppings, you do not have the same variety with the size.

Unfortunately, their gluten-free crust only comes in the 10-inch size, but once again this remains common in the pizza industry. You will generally find the major chains only provide one single size of gluten-free crust, and it’s always on the small side.

Of course, Pizza Hut will state it’s out of their hands and it’s all down to their supplier, but it still makes for a slightly disappointing experience. If you feel hungrier than a 10-inch pizza, then best you look at some of the sides to help you out.

Back to the Toppings

If you don’t feel like making your own toppings, then you do have two ready-designed pizza toppings to choose from. Those toppings are a simple cheese pizza or pepperoni. 

However, we do love the fact that most of the toppings available at Pizza Hut do not include gluten. But if you feel concerned about any part of it, then make sure you ask the staff if they have a list of the toppings with gluten. It should not prove difficult for them to come up with this information.

But the flexibility you get with this makes your pizza a whole lot more interesting than before. A number of chains simply give you one or two options, along the lines of cheese or pepperoni, and that’s it. However, at least you get to feel you have some choice with your pizza rather than simply ordering what the chain states you can have.

gluten free pizza

The Crust Itself

The crust is a typical thin crust, so it does come out with a bit of a crunch which is pretty cool. As it’s made by Udi, you may have even tried the crust yourself, so you might already know what to expect in that respect. 

But while the crust is that straightforward thin crust, it does then come down to how well it’s cooked in Pizza Hut. Honestly, at times it’s not the crust that’s to blame.

How Does it Taste?

Onto another very important thing, and clearly the most important of all, and it’s the taste. Sadly, a number of gluten-free crusts from different chains seem to miss the mark when it comes to flavor or texture, so you always feel apprehensive about it.

But the gluten-free crust at Pizza Hut does come with a bit of a chew on it. Now, that’s absolutely fine for some people, but it makes a difference when the staff at Pizza Hut do overcook the crust.

At that point, it can make it harder to really enjoy the crust.

However, Pizza Hut does come with one redeeming feature, and it’s the marinara sauce.

The Marinara Sauce on the Gluten-Free Crust

Pizza Hut does have one marinara sauce that is completely gluten-free, and it has a good tang to it. The sauce seems to work well with the crust, and it does help bring the toppings to life as well.

This sauce is the only one they keep gluten-free, so it’s worth stressing when ordering that you expect this sauce on your pizza. Anything else could cause problems. Considering you may already stress about cross-contamination with the crust, you don’t need anything else stressing you out.

Is the Crust Worth Checking Out?

If you cannot eat gluten, then you clearly have no options when it comes to eating a gluten-free crust. However, this option from Pizza Hut would really just come across as an average crust. 

We feel that it’s not too bad, but you do feel at the mercy of the staff cooking it the right length of time. If they don’t then it can quickly turn into quite a poor crust.

Also, while we do not like the size, it’s something you get used to as it’s the same no matter where you go. On that part, we cannot blame Pizza Hut even though they could do something about it.

Overall Conclusion

So Pizza Hut does indeed do a gluten-free crust, and while it does not come across as the worst, it’s also not the best. However, at least you do get that option even if it comes with various limitations.

We do love the way you get to select your own toppings, and they have amply available for anyone wishing to avoid gluten. But if we have a complaint then it’s the size issue. Of course, part of the blame lies at the door of their supplier, but a company the size of Pizza Hut could force the issue.

At least you do have the option of picking up a pizza from Pizza Hut, but hopefully, you will not feel too hungry and would have preferred a larger pizza. That will just not happen.