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Does Pizza Hut Make Keto-Friendly Pizza?

If you are wondering if Pizza Hut makes Keto-friendly pizza, you have come to the right place.

Where have you been if you haven’t previously heard about the Keto diet? It seems as if this diet plan is extremely popular, but it does lead to a potential problem if you intend to follow the plan and love pizza.

You see, Keto involves cutting carbs. That means your normal pizza base will not align with your new diet or eating habits. Now, we get this is disappointing, but all is not lost.

Keto-friendly pizzas exist, but it’s fair to say they are not as readily available as people on the Keto diet would like them to be. Also, there tends to be an issue with the main pizza chains. 

It took pizza chains long enough to understand that some people must avoid gluten. It then seems difficult to understand that some potential customers want to avoid eating as many carbs.

But some places do exist that cater to the Keto diet. So, what happens if you have a Pizza Hut near you? Is Pizza Hut one of those places where people on the Keto diet can visit and enjoy eating pizza without worrying about the carbs?

pizza at pizza hut

The Answer

Unfortunately, Pizza Hut has decided not to provide customers with a Keto-friendly pizza. It does seem insane as there’s a very obvious solution out there, but we will get into that shortly.

It appears that Pizza Hut has no real interest in providing people with either the Keto diet or simply a low-carb diet with an option to dine there. Their menu is empty of options, at least where a pizza is involved.

However, they have certain things on their menu that would qualify as Keto-friendly, so all is not lost. It’s disappointing that you need to miss out on pizza entirely if you intend to visit your local Pizza Hut.

But what are your admittedly limited options?

The Potential Keto-Friendly Base

Before we talk about the Keto-friendly options at Pizza Hut, what do we mean by a Keto-friendly base? Well, it comes down to one thing, cauliflower.

A cauliflower crust is more popular now than ever before. You can even buy frozen pizzas for cooking at home that come on a cauliflower crust.

The difference in carb counts between the usual pizza crust and the cauliflower option would blow your mind.

The net carbs count for a large cauliflower crust even allows you to go a bit crazier with the toppings, and you will still end up coming down on the correct side of your diet.

So that’s the solution that Pizza Hut could have offered, yet they have decided not to do so. It’s even easy to make if they don’t want to order them from another company. However, that would prove the easiest option available.

Also, people have grown used to cauliflower crusts in general. You can pick them up so easily that if you can do it at your grocery store, why a huge company such as Pizza Hut cannot do it remains a mystery.

Keto-Friendly Options at Pizza Hut

Let’s presume you find yourself at Pizza Hut and then realize you cannot eat Pizza, what options do you have? Well, you could leave and go elsewhere, but we can perhaps say that’s not an option. So, you need to turn to their menu.

Unfortunately, you will quickly discover that the rest of their menu is not a lot of fun for people following this diet.


Perhaps the most obvious solution would be for you to stick to salads. Pizza Hut does have several options, but it’s best to keep those croutons out of the way.

But you need to pay more attention than you perhaps think. 

Some locations will offer a crispy chicken Caesar salad, which sounds great. However, the chicken is breaded, and not every location will work with you to give you an alternative.

In addition, some places may use dressings with a higher carb count than you would expect. So, you need to look closely at the ingredients, even with a salad, to know if it is a feasible option for you.

a pizza hut store


So, how about wings as a possible option? Pizza Hut has made sure that someone on the Keto diet will struggle. You only have one option available regarding wings: the traditional bone-in version.

The problem with every other wing option on the menu is that Pizza Hut coats them in flour and lots of it. They do this to attempt to get a real crispy texture, but that immediately rules it out as an option if you wish to avoid carbs.

But you then need to be very careful about the flavors. Once again, Pizza Hut tends to mix in some ingredients that send the carb count a bit too high for those on the Keto diet. 

We recommend keeping it nice and simple by going for those traditional bone-in wings and preceding the various sauces. It’s not worth the hassle or stress of dealing with the carb count rising after each wing.

Another Option?

You have another option, and even though it sounds strange, it could work very well. 

What some people have reported doing when going to Pizza Hut and being on the Keto diet plan is to order a pizza and then only eat the toppings. It does seem weird to do that, but when you sit and think about it, this does make real sense.

What they do is they go big on the toppings while still ensuring it fits in with the low-carb approach, and then order a side salad, and even those bone-in wings.

The idea here is you fill yourself up with toppings, and thanks to everything else, you don’t feel you have missed out by leaving the crust.

That does come across as an excellent way of still feeling as if you have had something to eat at Pizza Hut without worrying about the carbs.

Yes, you may get strange looks at you stripping the crust, but it’s all worth it if you can enjoy the food and still stick to your plan.

pizza hut boxes

Avoid Sweet Treats

Finally, we suggest avoiding all of the rather tasty-looking sweet treats available at Pizza Hut. It’s not worth the hassle or stress as they pretty much all contain too many carbs to make it worth your while.

Pizza Hut simply doesn’t offer any sort of option for dessert that falls in line with your Keto needs. So, you will need to sit there and watch while everyone else simply enjoys themselves.

But Why are They So Bad?

We find it confusing as to why Pizza Hut is just so bad when it comes to offering low-carb options. Sure it will never push itself into becoming a key product, but they ignore low carb or offer anything suitable for the Keto diet. 

The number of people following this diet continues to grow, and even people who need to avoid gluten would love to have more options. Both markets would often end up using the same products, and yet both markets miss out.

Simply having one option regarding the crust and then allowing people to build their toppings would solve the issue. Then, people following this diet would not feel like they constantly miss out on the fun, which is never great.

Overall Conclusion

Pizza Hut does not currently offer a Keto-friendly pizza, and there remains nothing definitive about plans to introduce something. It’s disappointing to discover that this is the case. 

It seems strange that a company the size of Pizza Hut could not even come to some arrangement with another supplier to send them pre-made cauliflower crusts.

They do it with their gluten-free crust, so you would expect the same approach to apply when it comes to this.

Sadly, that’s not the case. If you follow the Keto diet, Pizza Hut is not the place for you. Sure, you could go ahead and eat one type of wings, a salad, or even the option of removing the toppings and just eating them. But does that sound like the same amount of fun?

We advise looking elsewhere for your pizza fix if you are following either a low-carb diet or the Keto diet. You have options out there, but it’s a case of knowing where to look and where to avoid.

You have no reason to miss out on pizza because of your diet plan. Instead, you can easily enjoy pizza with the same toppings as everyone else even if it’s not at this establishment.