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Dominos Brooklyn Style Pizza vs Hand Tossed

Here we will focus on the Dominos Brooklyn Style pizza and compare it to the hand tossed crust. As a pizza business, Dominos does have a number of different options available when it comes to the crust. Here, we plan on checking out two options and comparing them.

However, you may find yourself looking at the options and having no idea what to expect. That means it makes sense to spend some time getting to grips with the different crusts before you place your order.

Now you may find that you have never even thought about comparing these two pizzas. You may even think that both have a tendency to come with quite a thin crust, so surely there’s no difference?

Well, you would have made a significant mistake if you did think along those lines. So, let’s explore the differences and try to work out which option is best.

brooklyn style vs hand tossed pizza

How They are Cooked

The first thing to mention is that Dominos does not cook either of them in a deep pan. That means both options do have a tendency to come out crunchier and crispier than a deep pan.

However, the way they are cooked is about the only way in which both options are alike. Well, that’s if you don’t include the toppings since that will clearly stay the same.

In saying that, the hand-tossed tends to come with a slightly thicker crust, so it may need a slightly longer cooking time.

How They are Made

If we look at how Dominos makes both pizzas, then you do find a slight difference. The Brooklyn Style pizza is actually hand-stretched, which is different from the hand-tossed version. 

In fact, this hand-stretched version does then change the overall appearance of the pizza. Thanks to being hand-stretched, it does mean the pizza is often thinner leading to larger slices. 

But there’s one other real difference in how it’s made. The Brooklyn Style pizza contains less moisture in the dough. That does help to keep it as authentic as possible since the typical New York pizza crust does come across as drier than you get with other styles.

In addition, they use more cornmeal when making the dough for the Brooklyn Style pizza. That helps add to the sense of the pizza had more of a crispy crunch to it.

Which One Has Less Dough?

For some individuals, the amount of dough in a crust is a big deal. After all, not everyone likes the idea of getting just a mouthful of thick crust.

In this instance, the Brooklyn Style pizza tends to be the thinnest. That does mean it comes with the least amount of dough between the two. For some individuals, this plays a key role, so if you do not like heavy dough, then Brooklyn Style wins.

But let’s make one important point. Both pizzas come from the same dough. However, it’s the amount of dough used at the start where the difference occurs.

You see, the Brooklyn Style starts off with a much smaller ball of dough. The fact they use less dough at the outset makes a huge difference when manipulating and stretching the dough. 

The Main Differences Between the Two

The way in which the dough is manipulated does make a real difference when it comes to the end product. It becomes easy to spot the difference if you had both pizza options sitting side by side.

For example, the Brooklyn Style pizza has a tendency to then come with wider slices. Also, the pizza is designed in such a way that you can fold the slices up like a true New Yorker. 

This folding ability comes from cutting fewer slices in the pizza allowing for a wider slice on a relatively thin base. However, the base is still strong enough to allow for the folding without it simply breaking down and falling apart.

The hand-tossed version does not really come with that option. Well, at least not with the same style or panache. Yes you can fold it up, but the base seems floppier and it makes it harder to effectively control the pizza slice after folding it up.

brooklyn style pizza

The Taste Focus

You will also find a major difference when it comes to the focus of the taste. In the Brooklyn Style pizza, the real focus is on the use of pepperoni and that slightly spicy nature to it.

This changes when you then move to the hand-tossed. Here, there is often more of a focus on cheese and introducing different types of cheese to the equation. 

With the hand-tossed, you may feel a cheese overload with the pizza options, so that’s certainly something to keep in mind when making your decision.

Also, as the crust is thicker, especially on the edges, then the hand-tossed version has a tendency to come across as chewier. Now, that’s not always a problem for everyone, but it’s another thing to take into consideration if you plan on choosing between these two options.

But there’s something else we need to mention when it comes to the taste aspect, and that’s the sauce they use.

The Sauce On the Base

The sauce base plays such a big role in how the entire pizza tastes and Dominos has tried to keep things as authentic as possible. 

You see, they use a different sauce for the Brooklyn Style pizza when compared to the hand-tossed. The Brooklyn sauce is very natural and authentic tasting but the sauce with the hand-tossed actually tastes better in a sense.

This taste difference is thanks to the use of garlic in the sauce for the hand-tossed. They tend to throw some in once the sauce has been cooked, and it does add another dimension to the base.

However, at least they do eliminate this from the Brooklyn Style just to keep everything as close to the original New York pizza as possible.

But then, don’t stress that the removal of garlic oil means the taste of the Brooklyn Style pizza falls flat. That’s not the case. 

Instead, they make sure that the Brooklyn Style is baked with both regular cheese as well as provolone to give the flavor a real boost. Also, there’s no doubt that this approach does work, as you will find out when you bite into a slice for the first time.

hand tossed pizza

So, Which is Best?

It’s tough trying to figure out which one is best between these two options as they do provide you with vastly different pizzas. So, we need to try to balance it all up.

There’s no doubt that the Brooklyn Style has more of a pepperoni taste as opposed to the cheese taste of the hand-tossed. As you now know, this happens due to the ingredients primarily used in both pizzas.

For thickness, then the hand-tossed is undoubtedly thicker, and that could make your decision for you. However, keep in mind it does come with more cheese as a topping. That bumps up those calories, so it ends up less healthy compared to the Brooklyn Style.

However, you do than eat larger slices with the Brooklyn Style, so that’s perhaps not as important a point as it would be with other pizzas.

So, it all comes down to dough preferences and how thick you want things to be. Also, remember that your experience changes depending on the toppings you select, so perhaps focus on that when choosing your crust.

Final FAQs

Both pizza options come in various sizes. However, the Brooklyn Style is typically cut into fewer slices. In a medium pizza, you will get six slices as opposed to eight slices with the hand-tossed.

The Brooklyn Style is not full-on authentic New York pizza, but it does get close enough to merit the use of the term Brooklyn. However, people from New York would often argue against this, but for those not in the know, it’s good enough.

Finally, you may also find they come in different boxes. At times, Dominos will provide the Brooklyn Style in a white box while the hand-tossed is in a black box. However, this does not always apply, so don’t be surprised if you get both pizzas in the same packaging.

And that is the comparison between Dominos Brooklyn Style and hand-tossed pizza. As you can see, you do have some similarities between the two, but they also come with a number of similarities as well.

Keep in mind that they do not try to make them the same. However, if you want something thinner and with more of a meaty taste to it, then the Brooklyn Style pizza wins.

At the end of the day, it’s all up to you as to your personal preference. However, our advice is to go ahead and try out both. It’s the only fair way to then determine which one you prefer.