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Dominos Brooklyn Style Pizza vs Thin Crust

Dominos Brooklyn Style pizza remains relatively new but the thin crust has been around since time began. Dominos was one of the last to really jump on that New York style pizza bandwagon, so some people don’t even know it really exists.

Comparing two different pizza styles is an interesting thing to do. It actually gives you better insight into the entire world of the pizza, and you feel you can make better decisions as to which one you want to order next.

But this becomes even more important when you compare two pizza crusts within the same pizzeria. That is why we will go ahead and compare both the Brooklyn Style pizza and the thin crust pizza from Dominos.

So, this is what we plan on doing.

We are going to tell you everything you need to know about both options. After that, we plan on then coming to some sort of a conclusion as to which option is best.

So, what should you expect when it comes to both options? That’s what we will explore next.

dominos thin crust

The Thickness

The first thing we should mention is the thickness of both pizzas. Now neither come across as thick as the hand tossed pizza available at Dominos, so don’t expect a whole lot of dough with this crust.

You see, both come with thin crusts, and there is also often a real crunch to both options. The fact they manage to add in this real crunch is just another bonus in our eyes as it does mean the toppings never feel as if they could simply fall through the base.

So, both the Brooklyn Style and thin crust may seem almost wafer-thin, but both remain strong enough to cope with whatever topping you add.

Also, the Brooklyn Style has a slightly thicker edge to the crust. It’s not as crispy, but it does mean you can fold the slices over like your typical New York pizza. Add in the fact they cut it into fewer slices, and you get the feeling you get more for your money when it comes to the Brooklyn Style.

The Crust

But if we look more closely at the crust, then you do see a few differences between the two options. 

First, the thin crust has a drier dough, and that does mean it comes across as having more of a cracker texture to it. You certainly get the crispness of the crust with the thin crust, and there’s no chance of you feeling as if you are then faced with simply a whole lot of dough.

On the other hand, the Brooklyn Style pizza has more of a chewy texture, at least compared to the thin crust, but it still doesn’t come across as if it has too much dough in the base. 

But out of the two, it quickly becomes apparent that the thin crust is lighter and less likely to simply sit in your stomach, or be difficult to digest. However, that’s not to say the Brooklyn Style weighs you down either, but between the two it’s the thin crust that comes across as the lightest.

dominos brooklyn style

The Sauce

The sauce has the ability to either make or break a pizza, and what you find with these two crusts is that the sauce is slightly different on both pizzas.

According to the company, the sauce they use on the thin crust is the best sauce they have ever made. They claim it has a tangy taste to it that perfectly accompanies any topping you then add to the pizza.

Now, that is a big claim to make, but if you compare the sauces between the two pizzas, then in all honesty there’s not much of a difference. 

However, you may run into a problem with the sauce on the Brooklyn Style. You see, it can change slightly depending on where you live. In fact, some just use the classic sauce you get with most pizzas while others use a sauce with more bite to it.

This makes life difficult. The Brooklyn Style sauce is supposed to taste a bit different and less overpowering than other sauces. So, just know that you may not get the full-on Brooklyn Style sauce experience every single time.

The Toppings

For the toppings, then you won’t see much of a difference between the two. However, the traditional approach with the Brooklyn Style pizza is for it to have more of pepperoni and a meaty taste to it. 

That is why it tends to have a more bland sauce to it since that allows the flavors of the toppings to really come through. 

But there is one difference with the toppings when it comes to the cheese that they use.

For the thin crust, the focus is on using Mozzarella cheese, but things change with the Brooklyn Style. 

With that pizza, they use both Mozzarella cheese and provolone cheese to give things a different, and quite distinct flavor.

Now, you might think that a single cheese won’t change things, but it certainly does in this case. Also, the milder sauce makes a difference even here. If you try a slice of each side by side, then you will see what we mean when talking about the cheese.

The Overall Taste

 When it comes to the taste, there will certainly be enough of a difference for you to notice that you have two different pizzas.

The Brooklyn Style pizza does involve more chewing whereas you feel you can break a piece of the crust off the thin crust as it really is so thin and crispy. But the thin crust also feels so much lighter. As a result, you just know you can eat more of it in one sitting without feeling as if you stuffed yourself.

But it does also seem to be the case that the Brooklyn Style pizza is set up better for things such as pepperoni as toppings. It’s all about blasting you with the flavors of the toppings while the crust and sauce effectively sink into the background.

Honestly, that’s a good way of helping you to decide which pizza you may want to order. If you hate the sauce taste, then go for the Brooklyn Style. If you hate a chewy dough, then order the thin crust.

dominos thin crust


Everything else with these pizzas remains the same as you can order them in pretty much the same sizes, and you have free reign with the toppings. Add in your own dips as extras, and you see how similar both tend to be.

Our Opinion

So which one do we think is best between Brooklyn Style and thin crust? Well, it’s a tough one to answer. 

We do like the fact that neither uses too much dough. However, the crispy nature of the thin crust can vary from shop to shop as it all comes down to the skill of the individual cooking the pizza. 

The thin crust has to come out just right. Too short a time in the oven, and it has a floppy nature to it, and that’s not exactly pleasant when it comes to a thin crust pizza.

On the other hand, too long in the oven leads to this pizza coming out too solid and difficult to eat. That does mean it’s a balancing act to get it right. However, when it comes out perfect, then it’s an enjoyable pizza.

For the Brooklyn Style, you don’t have that same fine line. However, if the dough has not worked enough, then it can make it slightly chewier than you would perhaps enjoy. 

Also, we need to mention the sauce. 

The fact that the Brooklyn Style sauce can vary so much is a bit of an issue. You would like to think that Dominos would keep the same sauce no matter where you go in the country, but it seems as if that’s not the case.

It does mean you could end up feeling slightly disappointed in the sauce part, and it might confuse you if you had a brilliant Brooklyn Style pizza before. 

If they could only sort this out, then the Brooklyn Style would certainly come across as a real winner.

Overall Conclusion

Both pizzas come across quite well no matter the toppings you then choose. Ultimately, there’s not much between them.

However, if we had to choose which one is best, then the Brooklyn Style would probably edge things. 

This is all thanks to the sauce typically not overpowering things, and also the fact it’s easier for them to get the crust just perfect. The thin crust has the potential to go wrong from time to time, and that’s capable of ruining your entire pizza experience.

And those are the differences between the Dominos Brooklyn Style pizza and their thin crust pizza. As you can see, both pizzas have their own individual style, but we still recommend trying out both to see which one you think is best.