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Dominos Vs. Little Caesars Pizza – What’s Better?

Time to do another comparison between two pizza brands, and on this occasion, it’s Dominos up against Little Caesars pizza.

Now, both do deliver a pretty decent pizza, but if we put the two of them directly up against one another, then which one is best?

Yet again, this question is a tough one to answer. After all, we tend to have our own preferences when it comes to something as important as pizza.

So, we will break it down into different categories in the hope it makes it a bit easier to come to some sort of a conclusion.

The problem with doing a comparison such as this is that people do tend to have their favorites when it comes to something such as pizza. So, we need to try to look past things from a biased point of view to get to the bottom of which one is best.

With that in mind, we can look at different criteria to see which one rises to the top between Dominos and Little Caesars.

dominos pizza

The Pizza Base

If we start off with the pizza base, then it does come down to that personal preference. However, if look at things objectively, then one does start to stand out above the other.

The base at Dominos does come across as more consistent. It has a tendency to feel lighter, and it doesn’t seem to sit so readily in your stomach. 

That’s not to say that the base at Little Caesars is bad as that’s certainly not the case. However, Dominos just seems to have a better dough that performs better no matter the type of crust you plan on having with your pizza.

For some, there’s the feeling that Little Caesars may use inferior ingredients. Now, there’s no way of knowing if that is indeed the truth, but the general consensus is that the base at Dominos is just far superior. 

The Toppings

Both Dominos and Little Caesars offer all those standard toppings you would expect to see. However, Dominos has a tendency to come across as more generous when it comes to the toppings on the pizza.

With Little Caesars, it can seem rather more sporadic when it comes to the toppings. Now, some of this clearly comes down to the individual making the pizza, but they are told how much of one topping they need to put on.

At times, it comes across as a cost-saving exercise from Little Caesars, but it sort of backfires on them as a result. You feel that you cannot get a good bite as you can sometimes just get a mouth of dough rather than all those flavors from the different toppings.

So, as we said, Dominos has to win when it comes to the toppings. The ingredients they use have more variety than you tend to get elsewhere. However, it can become somewhat overwhelming.

The Sauce

The sauce on the base plays a huge role in how the entire pizza tastes and works. Here, we have to say that Dominos ends up winning once again.

The sauce used by Little Caesars can sometimes taste cheaper. Also, they will often be quite sparing with it on the base, and that leads to the pizza tasting drier as a result.

If you want a pizza where the sauce used has more of a depth of flavor and taste to it, then you need to go to Dominos.

Also, they do put a thicker layer on the base, and when you then factor in the fact they use more toppings, then it’s obvious why Dominos is coming out on top here.

Now both do give you just a handful of options when it comes to the sauce, but the general feeling is that the sauce with Dominos has a deeper flavor and taste to it all. 

little caesars pizza

The Cost

If you simply go on cost, then Little Caesars will usually win this battle. Their pizza can end up costing you next to nothing if you break it down into a single slice cost. However, that’s not the full story.

As you have already read, it does come across that Little Caesars is using inferior ingredients when it comes to the base and sauce.

If you use ingredients that just do not meet the mark, then it usually means they cost less in the first place. That is then reflected in the quality of their pizza.

So, while Little Caesars may have the cheaper pizza, that doesn’t mean they have the best pizza. However, as we are simply talking about cost, then they do have to win this part of the battle.


Looking at the number of options overall, then Dominos leads the way. They give you more options when it comes to the type of crust and base, and then there’s the fact you can really play around with the toppings. 

Little Caesars comes across as somewhat limited from an options perspective. Sure they cover all the usual pizza options you expect to see from a pizzeria, but they just do not seem to stretch themselves in any way.

However, if you know you only like a Pepperoni pizza, then this may not come across as big an issue. But then, it goes back to the quality of the products used, and Little Caesars does fall short in that department as well.



When it comes to extras, with the main focus on dips, then neither Dominos nor Little Caesars actually fare that well in this area. They both come up short in this department when compared to other brands out there.

However, if we had to push for one to be better than the other, then it would probably just be Dominos. In saying that, we just wouldn’t really recommend either as being a market leader when it comes to things such as dips.

Special Deals

While both Little Caesars and Dominos provide you with a number of special deals, it’s tough to find any pizza company that’s better in this area than Dominos.

They provide you with a variety of deals on any given day, and there’s always some way to save some money while still getting your hands on an amazing pizza. Little Caesars does have special deals, but they cut their costs so far anyway that it’s tough for them to really play around with some sort of special offer.

So, because of all of that, Dominos certainly keeps its crown when it comes to saving you some money while still managing to grab a pizza. Also, they tend to change their special deals, so there’s always something to look forward to with their next big thing.

There’s no doubt that Dominos works hard at trying to entice you into trying something new, and they do this via the power of their marketing. Add in the fact their pizza generally tastes better, and you then see how Dominos has the ability to walk away with this point.


If we look at the size, then it’s pretty much a draw between the two with little difference. However, you then need to look more at the base and how much dough you get in the base.

At this point, it depends on what you prefer from a base. If you like a heavy base, then Little Caesars would work out best for their size. You would perhaps feel as if you were getting more for your money, even though it costs less.

On the flip side, if you prefer the lighter base, then Dominos would work out best for the size. You certainly would not feel too laden down with dough even with their larger pizzas.

So, size is not such an issue here when comparing the two. It all comes down to what you expect from a pizza and its crust. So, take that into consideration to then determine which one you feel should win here.

Overall, Which is Better?

This particular battle between Dominos and Little Caesars is easier to score than some others. While they both have their plus points, we have to say that Dominos comes across as the better option when it comes to pizza.

You not only have more variety available to you, but their ingredients come across as far superior as well. This leads to a superior taste, and a Pizza from Dominos will certainly seem more satisfying as a result.

However, if you want to merely go for taste, and also sometimes convenience, then Little Caesars would win. In saying that, we do suggest weighing everything up before you automatically opt for the cheaper option.

With Dominos, you have the ability to really pick and choose your pizza. That just does not exist on the same scale as Little Caesars. But as we said earlier, if you know what you like, then this does not then come across as a major problem.

But overall, there is only one winner here, and in our eyes it has to be Dominos by quite an impressive margin.