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Dominos Vs. Pizza Hut – What’s Better?

When it comes to pizza chains, both Dominos and Pizza Hut are certainly two names that most people know about. However, it is then interesting to spend time trying to work out which one out of the two is best.

But here’s something you need to think about.

When trying to work out which one wins, you need to look at a bit more than just what the pizza tastes like. Instead, it’s the choice and number of options available to you that can also play a role.

Now, we could turn to you and say we will also look at delivery and so on, but that is something that varies so much, so it’s pointless.

Instead, we will focus on the main event, the pizza. So, let’s get on and try to determine which one wins between the two giants that are Dominos and Pizza Hut.

But you should know that this is not an easy thing to do. As you will see, both options have their own merits or areas where they excel when compared to the other.

The Pizza Base

The main thing we should concern ourselves with has to be the pizza, and it’s fair to say that both Dominos and Pizza Hut remain pretty popular among people. 

Now, both offer you different bases when it comes to the options, so to make things as fair as possible, we should focus on their standard base that pretty much everyone goes for.

In this instance, you have two different types of bases. 

For Pizza Hut, their traditional base comes across as more of a Focaccia-style deep pan, and while it’s good, it does mean you have to deal with quite a lot of dough. That is certainly not for everybody, which is why you would then opt for the thin crust option instead.

With Dominos, it’s slightly thinner even with their deep pan base, and it does come across as slightly lighter in nature as well. That does mean you never feel as if you will consume too much dough. 

So, from the perspective of the pizza base, while it does clearly come down to personal preference, Dominos comes across as being slightly better.

Both do then have different options regarding the crusts on their menu, and a lot of them are the exact same. However, the dough used at Dominos does seem slightly lighter and has less of a dough texture. This could represent something important to some people, so if you prefer the lighter option, then Dominos is the winner.

Dominos Vs. Pizza Hut - What's Better?

The Pizza Toppings

For toppings, then both clearly come with all the usual suspects that you would expect to find with any pizzeria. So, it’s slightly tougher to come to some sort of a conclusion as to which one wins in this area.

However, there’s one thing we can say with some certainty when looking at the toppings.

With Dominos, you can often go for some slightly outrageous and crazy toppings, and they will oblige. However, it does sometimes come across as them trying to be too out there to the point where the combination of the toppings simply doesn’t work.

Pizza Hut does offer some different toppings instead of simply the usual stuff, but it’s more along the lines of things that would work. They do not seem to want to go too far out on a limb when it comes to offering a variety of toppings that you can then put together on your own pizza.

So, for the toppings section, then Pizza Hut would win because they do offer variety, but in combinations that even just sound better and tastier. Dominos just has this habit of becoming too outlandish for their own good.

The Size

In the world of pizza, size is everything. In this instance, Pizza Hut wins the battle as they do give you a slightly bigger pizza than you get with Dominos. 

Ok, so we admit that it’s only a slight difference. But it all counts in our eyes.

With Dominos, you can get up to 13.5” pizzas while Pizza Hut goes up to 14”. That might not sound like much of a difference, but it certainly adds up over the entire pizza.

So, from a size perspective, then Pizza Hut also wins. However, this only applies if you intend to go for a larger pizza. All their standard pizzas are the exact same, so it’s just the slightest of victories for Pizza Hut here.

Oh, but one other thing on this point. Pizza Hut does include the 14” size pizza with a number of different types of crusts. This includes their stuffed crust option, so you are not just stuck with one single large pizza to choose from.

Dominos Vs. Pizza Hut - What's Better?

The Price

So, what about the price? Which one will typically hit you harder in the pocket? In this instance, Dominos ends up the winner.

This is no surprise. Dominos has managed to create a certain impression that they charge less for a pizza than most other chains. On the other hand, Pizza Hut does come across as more expensive when you start to mess around with the toppings.

Keep in mind that both options run as franchises, and prices are set by the company rather than individual stores. Across the board, it’s Dominos that can deliver a good pizza without it hitting you too hard in the pocket.

The Extras

Turning attention to extras, then what we see is a significant difference between the two brands. First, there are the dips, and Pizza Hut just falls short when it comes to the number of dips it has available.

Honestly, Pizza Hut comes across rather poorly in this area. They restrict the number of dips available, and Dominos wins hands down with this.

Also, the quality of the dips from a taste perspective needs to be taken into consideration. Here, Dominos wins again. So, if you see yourself as a dip person, then there really is just one brand you should go for in this instance, and it’s Dominos.

We aren’t saying Dominos has anything too special when it comes to dips. However, they certainly wipe the floor with Pizza hut in this area. You can expect all the standard dips at Dominos with the potential for a few extras thrown in for good measure.

Dominos Vs. Pizza Hut - What's Better?

Upgrade Options

At times, a simple pizza does not cut the mustard, so that’s where knowing the upgrade options can make a difference. Here, what we see is that Pizza Hut is the winner in this area.

Quite simply, Pizza Hut has the ability to offer you so many additional options when it comes to crusts and to upgrade from the standard base. Keep in mind that Pizza Hut really invented the concept of the stuffed crust, and that’s something they certainly run with.

Of course, Dominos does have its own stuffed crust option, but it just doesn’t quite reach the heights of the original Pizza hut version.

So, if you want something a bit different with your crust, and something that tastes good, then it’s Pizza Hut that ends up winning in this instance.

Special Deals

For special deals, it’s Dominos that wins the day. Pizza Hut does have them, but Dominos ends up with more deals, and they come across as more creative in their special offers as well. 

Dominos changes deals depending on the day, so you always feel as if there’s something available for you. Also, they tend to have more than one special deal at any given time, so that comes across as giving you options.

Also, Dominos goes all out to promote its special deals, so you always know the deals available at any given time. Pizza Hut falls short when it comes to the marketing of their special deals, so you almost have to stumble across them at times to even know they exist.

Who Wins Overall?

This question remains a tough one to answer. Both Dominos and Pizza Hut win in different categories, so it all depends on what you want from your pizza.

If you prefer toppings, then Pizza Hut wins. However, if you want to have a good pizza without it costing a fortune, then Dominos is where it’s at for general price and special deals.

Also, Dominos has better extras when it comes to dips, but then Pizza Hut has better upgrade options with different crusts to choose from. You can really see how this is problematic.

So, we can go back to the standard pizza rather than searching for something unique and specially designed by you. In that instance, Dominos wins as the crust is perfectly adequate, the standard toppings taste fine, and the price is certainly on the low side.

But as we said, if you want to design your own pizza, then Pizza Hut would probably edge the two in a competition. However, prepare to pay a bit extra for all of this when you use Pizza Hut, but it may end up worth it when that pizza hits your taste buds.