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How Big is a 16″ Pizza and How Many Does it Feed?

This is everything you have ever needed to know about a 16” pizza. So, how big is a 16″ pizza, and how many does it feed? By the end, you might even feel like ordering one yourself.

If you check out various pizza chains, you will probably notice that many of them talk about having an extra large pizza available. That pizza will often measure at least 16”, but what does that equate to?

You see, it’s easy enough to say something is a certain size, but let’s seek to make more sense of it all rather than just telling you the size.

But we know you may look at our opening question and think, well, a 16” pizza must measure in at 16”. However, you may end up learning a few things. For example, do you know how big an increase in area size it is between a 16” and a 14” pizza?

We guarantee it’s going to include a bigger increase than you expected.

16" pizza

The Size

When we talk about the size of a pizza, we refer to the width of the pizza at its widest part. That means we measure the diameter of the pizza, and that’s where the 16” comes into play.

Admittedly, there may be various times where the pizza size is not quite 16”. You could find it has stretched somewhat to closer to 16.5”, or it is just falling short at a fraction under 16”.

However, it will certainly end up in that sort of ballpark figure. Of course, one thing that helps is the experience of the individual making the pizza.

They can make things surprisingly accurate regarding the size, and it’s closer to 16” compared to how we would make one at home.

The Size Difference

So you will know all about a 14” pizza and then quickly assume that a 16” pizza would not be too much larger. After all, we only see a 2” difference.

Well, it doesn’t work out like that.

Instead, the size difference is far more considerable than expected. The size difference between these two equates to the 16” pizza being 31% larger overall.

That is a massive difference, and it also explains why there is such a visual difference between both pizzas should you place them side by side. You have to admit, 31% sounds completely different from saying there’s only a 2” difference.

How Many Slices Do You Get?

Typically, a 16” pizza will then translate into 12 slices of pizza. That means you do get a pretty decent size of the slice.

That figure can change, though, depending on where you go. So, if you hoped that 12 slices would translate into the standard thing, you may be somewhat surprised.

Instead, some pizza places have a different idea about how they cut their pizza. You may find that this 16” pizza is cut into 10 slices or 14. It would prove highly unlikely for you to come across anything different from that as the slices would either become too large, or too small.

comparing large pizzas

How Many Does it Feed?

So onto the other main part of our question, how many people would a 16” pizza feed? This question is a bit of a guess. After all, we have no idea about the appetite you or your family have for pizza.

So, with that in mind, let’s take a general concept and apply it.

Remember that a 16” pizza is cut into 12 slices. Let’s say each person wants three slices. This pizza will feed four people at that point, which seems reasonable.

But if people have a smaller appetite or merely look at this pizza as a snack, it could feed six people if they take two slices each.

It’s just so much of a variable that it becomes impossible to categorically state how many people it will feed.

In saying that, we would say it would feed six to four people comfortably on average.

How to Increase the Number of People it Would Feed

One thing to remember is that often we are talking about a thin crust stretched out to 16”. So, how would you manage to increase the number of people it would feed?

Of course you could go ahead and ask for a thicker crust. This may not always prove possible, but it’s certainly an idea worth exploring. But if that’s not possible, then there is a different way to do this.

The main focus should be on the toppings you have on your pizza. The more toppings, then the better the slice. So, you may want to effectively design your pizza or request additional toppings to help boost things.

For example, a meaty pizza with pepperoni, beef, and ham with extra cheese would include much more protein than a pepperoni pizza. It’s known that protein helps fill people up faster, so it makes sense to then do this with your pizza.

Doing this may mean that two slices end up as more than enough for some people. If you feel concerned that a 16” pizza may not offer enough, this will offer a real solution that could turn things around for you.

16" pizza oven

Why Buy a 16” Pizza?

This raises the question of why you would go ahead and buy a 16” pizza in the first place. Well, you have several reasons as to why this is such a good idea.

First, it feeds more people than a smaller pizza. That makes absolute sense. So if you have a larger family, then a 16” pizza could cover everyone with one pizza.

Also, it’s easier to share when you have more slices. Admittedly, it becomes even easier when you have a pizza place that cuts a 16” pizza into more slices.

But then, we also feel quite partial to going ahead and storing some leftovers, so that becomes another option. However, you do want to ensure you store those leftovers correctly to ensure they remain safe to eat the following day.

Storing the Leftovers of Your 16” Pizza

No matter how many slices you plan on storing, you need to know how to do it correctly. We must say that you should not simply throw the pizza box into the fridge and think that’s enough. 

While we may have all done it before, it’s certainly not the safest way to look after your pizza to ensure it remains edible.

Instead, you need to stop air from getting to the surface of the pizza, and you have a couple of options available.

The first option is to get an air-tight container. You simply place the slices inside the container and close the lid. It’s nice and easy, but also very effective.

However, if you feel you do not have an adequate container, you have another option.

That option is to wrap each slice individually in some foil. You could use plastic wrap, but we think foil is best. 

Using this method, you must ensure the foil or wrap is tight against the slice. Also, do it on each slice rather than putting them all together. It’s just safer that way.

If you do this correctly, then there’s no reason why you cannot go back to your pizza leftovers after a couple of days in the fridge and still enjoy eating them.

However, you should not leave them for more than four days as that’s when bacteria starts to grow, and you get an increased risk of something going wrong and making you ill.

Overall Conclusion

To conclude, when we talk about a 16” pizza, we refer to the width of the pizza at its widest part.

That doesn’t mean the toppings will cover all of the pizza either, as it goes to the edge of the crust and not the edge of the toppings.

Remember that a 16” pizza is 31% bigger in area than a 14” pizza. That may even help you decide if you want to go ahead and order a 16” pizza in the first place due to the sheer size difference.

Regarding how many people it will feed, we feel it can feed between six and four people. However, we know that can change quite a lot if you have someone with a larger appetite and who loves pizza.

A 16” pizza does come in as an extra large pizza. Of course, you could order one for yourself and simply store away the slices you do not want then. That can work out well, and at least you already have dinner planned for another day.