How Big is a 28-Inch Pizza • How Many Slices?

Several pizzerias offer a big 28-inch pizza cut into how many slices are unknown. We know this makes it a massive pizza to try to eat, but we find it interesting to learn as much as possible about this amazing option.

Admittedly, this pizza will blow your mind. How could it do anything else when faced with so much pizza just waiting for you to devour?

However, what else should you know about this behemoth of the pizza world before you perhaps go and order one?

We know that the answer to this question is not difficult. Yet, it would help if you thought about a lot more than you would expect when ordering a pizza. When you supersize up to a 28-inch pizza, this becomes a whole other ball game.

28 inch pizza

The Size

As you will have guessed, this pizza measures 28 inches across, but don’t expect the toppings to extend all that way.

Sure, you will find most of the pizza does end up covered in something, but even a 12-inch pizza still has that space around the edge of the crust.

However, when dealing with a pizza of such a massive size, missing out on toppings for an inch or so around the edge will not ruin your overall experience of the pizza.

But we do not think you should feel like this pizza is too large. You see, it does open up a whole host of possibilities regarding how many people can grab a slice.

Don’t worry, as we have you covered with all of that in the next few minutes.

The Slices

How many slices you get with a 28-inch pizza will vary slightly depending on where you order from. You should expect to receive at least 12 slices, but it can end up being 14 or even more.

Some places offer over 20 slices, but you should consider how many people will eat the pizza to make your life easier.

One thing to remember is that even 14 slices of a 28-inch pizza equate to large slices. But then, you do also have the option of adding even more slices if you wish to do so. 

Let’s get real here, this pizza will prove highly popular for parties. Imagine having a group of kids at a birthday party, and you produce this vast 28-inch pizza. How big would their eyes get when they saw the pizza before them?

That’s one of the cool things about giving kids pizza. They only look at the number of slices rather than the size, which gives the best of both worlds. 

28 inch pizza slices

How Many People Will it Feed?

It’s also interesting to discover how many people you will feed if you go ahead and order a 28-inch pizza. This depends on several factors, but we can offer more of a general sense of how many people should feel quite satisfied with this pizza.

In general, 8 adults should feel as if they have had ample pizza when they order this 28-inch pizza. It does help if you then get the pizza cut into a total of 16 slices.

Failure to get those 16 slices will mean some people will miss out on things, and it won’t come across as an equal serving. You do not want to have people feel like this since everyone wants to feel they get the same opportunity for pizza.

That then gives you the perfect excuse to ask the pizzeria to cut the pizza into the perfect number of slices for your party. At that point, it should make your life a whole lot easier.

How Many Slices Should Suffice?

But we do have a slight problem when it comes to this discussion surrounding slices. Honestly, if you cut a 28-inch pizza up into 12 or 14 slices, that would sometimes be a mistake for some people.

You see, if you go ahead and order a 16-inch pizza, which comes across as significantly smaller than a 28-inch pizza, you may have 12 or 14 slices. 

So, what do you think happens if you go ahead and cut a pizza that is a lot bigger into the same number of slices as a smaller pizza? It means each person will probably feel quite full even after one slice. 

That’s because a single slice of a pizza this size would turn into the equivalent of two or even three slices of a smaller pizza. But that’s not the full story.

Sure you have the area size of the slice, which will often turn into too much, but that’s not everything.

You must add the amount of crust and even the volume of toppings into the equation. Those things add so much to how full you will feel after the one slice.

slice of 28 inch pizza

Ordering Your Pizza and Toppings

One thing we think you need to give some consideration to is the number of toppings you plan on putting on a pizza of this size. Honestly, you should have a minimum of four different toppings.

But with a pizza of this size, you can play around with the toppings and bring even more of them to the party. One suggestion is to adopt the four corners approach but play on the available area size. 

Think of it from this perspective. 

If you have ever had the four different toppings taking up a quarter each of a normal pizza, then you can imagine how it works out with a pizza of this size. It feels like you have four smaller pizzas combined into one, which is a cool thing in our book.

But this is also where you need to talk to the pizzeria in advance. Please know what options they tend to offer when ordering this pizza. You may even find they offer suggestions on how to divide up a pizza of this size.

Of course, you may love pepperoni and want to have that as your only topping. If that’s the case, then we suggest you go for it. After all, who would want to complain about a pizza that looks like that?

Just How Big is the Pizza?

Now, we know that talking about a 28-inch pizza could put off some people thanks to the sheer size. So, this next section will not help if you have those feelings.

Honestly, this pizza does come across as vast. It can easily contain a pound of sauce covering the crust. You should also expect around four or five pounds of cheese scattered over the crust. 

That is a lot of cheese, and you still have the option of asking for extra cheese on top. Just imagine how much cheese that would then translate into when you think about the area size it has to cover. 

Seriously, it can come across as crazy how much pepperoni, chicken or anything else has to be added to this pizza. 

Also, the entire pizza even weighs a whole lot. You will tend to find it weighs somewhere around 12lbs, which is crazy considering it’s only a pizza you have sitting there.

But that’s all related to the crust, which has to focus on a thin crust because the sheer amount of dough required to make this pizza will blow your mind.

Overall Conclusion

So there we have the answer, a 28-inch pizza does indeed measure in at a mighty 28 inches. However, don’t expect the toppings to cover that entire area.

But seriously, most pizzerias will try to come close to covering as much of the pizza as possible, and that’s a cool thing, in our opinion.

Also, expect a lot of slices in this pizza and its ability to feed more than enough people, even for a reasonably sized party.

Just understand how big a single slice can appear with a pizza of this size. It’s very easy to get caught out with a 28-inch pizza.

While a pizza of this size does not come across as the usual size, more and more pizzerias do appear to offer it, even if this is then done as a special order.

Just prepare for yourself to feel blown away by the absolute size when you open up that pizza box.

Actually, you will feel blown away by the box size and not just what’s inside. As soon as you set your eyes on the box, you know that you will have a feast appearing before your eyes. Hopefully, it then tastes as good as it looks.