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How Long to Cook Digiorno Pizza and at What Temperature?

So you have gone out and bought yourself a Digiorno pizza to enjoy at home. You wonder how long to cook Digiorno Pizza and at what temperature?

But then, you need to address the point of cooking it to ensure you do not feel somewhat disappointed in the end result.

Thankfully, you hardly need some expert knowledge to get the perfect pizza, in the end, so don’t stress. Also, we will give you all of the information you need to get your desired result. 

One of the problems with a Digiorno pizza is that the company has produced so many different pizzas with various crusts that it can come across as slightly complicated to cook.

From thin crust to deep pan and stuffed crusts, they cover everything.

But that all then leads to different cooking times. However, we have you covered and will guide you through it to ensure you get that perfect pizza.

digiorno pizza options

Storing Your Digiorno Pizza

But first, this is a frozen pizza, so you need to ensure you keep it in the freezer until the very moment you plan on starting to cook.

You will have to warm up your oven before cooking, so don’t take it out and leave it in the kitchen for those 10 minutes or so while things warm up.

It’s safer to keep everything frozen until it’s time to cook. You don’t want anything to potentially go wrong.

Also, even Digiorno tells you to do this on their website when instructing you on correctly cooking your pizza.

Your Oven Makes a Difference

You should also know that your oven makes a difference regarding the temperature and length of time it takes to cook your Digiorno pizza.

The good thing is that the company knows this and will include all relevant information on the box for you to follow.

However, we can still help you out.

A Conventional Oven

If you own a conventional oven, then this is what you need to do.

First, you must preheat the oven to 400F. That’s the best temperature to cook your frozen Digiorno pizza to get the best results.

Next, you need to remove the pizza from all of its packagings and place it on the rack in the oven. Go for the middle, if only cooking one, and then grab your timer.

You will be cooking this pizza for anywhere from 24 to 27 minutes. The exact length of time will vary depending on the toppings on your pizza.

However, this will also appear on the box to help you out, so don’t stress about it.

But we do have another little tip.

Keep an eye on the oven and how well your pizza is cooking. You don’t want to leave it in for 27 minutes if it’s cooked after 24 minutes.

At that point, you simply get the toppings out black and ruined, and nobody wants that to happen.

But we suggest keeping it in the oven for the absolute minimum length of time mentioned in the box.

That should mean the crust is cooked, and you won’t get some nasty frozen pieces popping up in the middle of the pizza.

Who would want that to happen?

cooking digiorno pizza

The Crust and Toppings Also Make a Difference

Digiorno has several different crust and toppings options, and that does change the way you need to cook the pizza at home. Don’t worry, as we will help you navigate through all of this.

Rising Crust

If you bought a rising crust pizza, then set the oven to 400F as mentioned earlier. The time you cook the pizza varies from around 18 minutes for pepperoni to a maximum of 27 minutes for their spinach, mushroom, and garlic pizza.

But one thing that may surprise you is that pepperoni takes a minute or so less time to cook than their four cheese pizza, which comes between 19 and 22 minutes to cook.

Crispy Pan Crust

With a crispy pan crust, the temperature of your oven remains the same at 400F. However, you then see a bit of a difference in the actual cooking time of the pizza.

Whereas the rising crust pepperoni pizza took between 18 and 21 minutes, it’s much longer with a crispy pan crust.

Their pepperoni pizza takes between 22 and 24 minutes to cook, with the four kinds of cheese pizza taking the same length of time.

That alone shows the difference the crust’s thickness makes to the cooking time to avoid getting some frozen or soggy dough.

Stuffed Crust

Moving to the stuffed crust options, you still need to keep the oven at that 400F temperature. That’s the one thing that remains constant throughout all of this.

But then, we see that the pepperoni version takes between 18 and 20 minutes to cook while the five kinds of cheese frozen pizza take between 20 and 22 minutes.

However, their three-meat pizza takes longer, up to 25 minutes.

What then shows is the difference that the toppings make to the cooking times to ensure everything is warmed through and cooked correctly.

Artisan Thin Crust

The artisan thin crust is where things do change slightly because you need to set your oven to a slightly lower temperature of 375F.

This change occurs thanks to the fact this pizza does come with a thinner crust, so it doesn’t require the same heat to warm up and cook the dough.

But then we look at the time it takes for their artisan thin crust pizza to cook, and we see that their Butcher’s Cut 4 Meats pizza only takes between 14 and 16 minutes to cook.

That’s a big difference, and it’s all thanks to the crust. From the other options within this range, the vegetable and balsamic glaze pizza takes longer, up to 30 minutes, so the period is massive. 

Thin Crust

But here is something of a surprise: the thin crust pizza requires 400F temperature for cooking, indicating that this crust must have some more thickness than the artisan version.

But then we go back to the different times for cooking. 

The pepperoni pizza in this range takes between 14 and 17 minutes to cook, which is not long.

The four cheese pizza takes slightly longer at between 16 and 18 minutes, while the longest time take in this range is the thin crust supreme at up to 19 minutes.

However, none of the pizzas within this range take an eternity to cook.

While there are several others on the market from Digiorno, this does at least give you some indication of the difference in time taken even for the same ingredients. 

Also, it shows you need to read the box to make sure you do the right thing with whatever pizza you have gone out and bought.

But overall, no Digiorno pizza should take more than 30 minutes to cook.

How to Know its Ready

So you find yourself at the 25-minute mark and just want to eat that pizza. How do you know it’s ready and won’t lead to you getting a nasty surprise?

The key with a Digiorno pizza and most frozen pizzas is with the cheese. 

When you took the pizza out of the packaging, the cheese was frozen and looked horrible.

You know your pizza is at the perfect temperature when that cheese is bubbly and has melted. 

Also, you know you have managed to slightly overdo things with the cooking if the cheese has turned dark brown and is on the crispy side.

It should come across as stringy and just as you would expect with a fresh pizza.


Overall Conclusion

Generally, you will find yourself cooking a Digiorno pizza at a temperature of 400F and for anywhere from 24 to 27 minutes. However, you will encounter variations depending on the type of oven and the toppings.

We do suggest you pay close attention to what it says on the box. That’s the key, and you will find it almost impossible to make a mess of things and end up with a horrible pizza.

But do pay attention to the time aspect. These pizzas can quickly move from edible to charcoal in next to no time if you leave them in the oven for too long.

However, don’t cut your time short, or you will end up with a horrible piece of partly frozen pizza in the middle.

These pizzas come to make life as easy as possible. Simply warm up the oven, follow the instructions, and then wait your time before having a delicious pizza ready to eat at home.