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Tips When Ordering Papa John’s Pizzas

Before ordering your favorite pizza, you’ll need to know how many Papa John’s pizzas to order. Here we will cover a few tips when ordering Papa John’s pizzas.

The first thing to cross your mind is where to buy it, the size, and how many people you need to serve. Papa John’s is a top-ranked Pizza Hut with around 2600 delivery restaurants.

Texas has the highest number of restaurants in the USA. Florida takes the second spot with 286 company-owned pizza shops and franchises. Additionally, Papa John’s has other 4000 restaurants across the globe, servicing a substantial number of customers.

Besides, the menu and prices of pizza at Papa John’s vary significantly in USA restaurants and across the world. Also, the price usually depends on location, size of the pizza, and the crust and toppings on the wide range of pizzas.

This article has a complete guide and everything you need to know about the pizza size and prices at Papa John’s. 

Papa John’s Pizza Size And Price

The average price for the pizzas ranges from $4 to $35. Pizza prices at Papa John’s usually vary depending on their toppings and type. The menu also includes pizza, drinks, and other foods.

The table below shows the pizza size and price.

pizza recipes
Source: lemonsforlulu.com
Pizza TypeSmallMediumLargeExtra Large
Tropical Luau$13$15$17$19
Spinach Alfredo$13$15$17$19
Spicy Italian Pizza$13$15$17$19
Tuscan Six Cheese pizza$13$15$17$19
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken pizza$13$15$17$19
BBQ Chicken Bacon pizza$13$15$17$19
Chicken and Veggie pizza$13$15$17$19
Grilled Chicken and Canadian Bacon pizza$13$15$17$19
Cheesy Chicken Cordon Bleu$13$15$17$19
Grilled Chicken Club Pizza$13$15$17$19
Double Bacon 6 Cheese Pizza$13$15$17$19
Original  Buffalo Chicken Pizza$13$15$17$19
Original Garden Fresh pizza$13$15$17$17
Original the Meat$13$15$17$19
Original the Works$13$15$17$19
Original Pepperoni pizza$9$11.25$13.5$15.75
Original sausage$9$11.25$13.5$15.75
Original pizza pizza$8$10$12$14

For instance, you can get the original Papa John’s pizza in four sizes ranging from $8 to $19. The same pizza store will offer only thin pizzas ranging from $12 to $17. 

pizza recipes
Source: 31daily.com


Pizza TypeLarge Thin Papa John’s Pizza Prices
Hawaiian Chicken Pizza$17
Tropical Luau pizza$17
Cheesy Chicken Cordon Bleu$17
Grilled Chicken Club$17
The Meats$17
The Works$17
Garden Fresh Pizza$17
Buffalo Chicken pizza$17
Double Bacon 6 Cheese pizza$17
BBQ Chicken Bacon$17
Spicy Italian pizza$17
Chicken and Veggie pizza$17
Tuscan Six Cheese pizza$17
Grilled Chicken and Canadian Bacon$17
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken$17
John’s Favorite$17
Pepperoni pizza$13.5
Cheese Pizza$12

Despite the average pizza prices, you need to be aware that you will have to pay less or more for pizza, depending on the state and region. Pizza prices are usually a bit higher in California compare

Pizza TypeMediumLargeExtra Large
Spicy Italian Pizza$20.25$23$25.6
Garden Fresh Pizza$20.25$23$25.6
Buffalo Chicken$20.25$23$25.6
BBQ Chicken Bacon Pizza$20.25$23$25.6
Hawaiian BBQ Chicken Pizza$20.25$23$25.6
Tuscan Six Chinese Pizza$20.25$23$25.6
Chicken and Veggie Pizza$20.25$23$25.6
Tropical Luau$20.25$23$25.6
Hawaiian Chicken Pizza$20.25$23$25.6
Double Bacon 6 Cheese pizza$20.25$23$25.6
Grilled Chicken and Canadian Bacon Pizza$20.25$23$25.6
Grilled Chicken Club Pizza$20.25$23$25.6
Cheesy Chicken Cordon Bleu$20.25$23$25.6
Original the Works$20.25$23$25.6
Original the Meats$20.25$23$25.6
Original Pepperoni pizza$16.65$19.2$21.75
Original Sausage$16.65$19.2$21.75
Original Cheese Pizza$16.65$19.2$21.75
Original John’s favorite $20.5$23$25.5

How Many Pizzas Should You Order?

pizza recipes
Source: popsugar.com

Pizza is a favorite food for many people, including kids. It is the best meal to serve at any party or occasion. You can only check on the prices for a single serving since you only need a small pizza. 

When you have a group of more than two people with various tastes, you’ll need to review which pizza size to order and with which toppings. Estimating the number of pizza slices to order for your event also saves you the costs and food wastage.

Here are the tips for beginning with when you want to order pizza from Papa John’s.:

  • The number of people that will attend your event?
  • The number of kids and adults that will be there?
  • Is it a pizza-only event?
  • Do you want to send a few slices to your guests or want to keep the leftovers?

Do you have the answers to these questions? If yes, go ahead with calculations, starting with the number of slices that directly depend on the pizza’s size. For example;


Normally, adults take three slices of pizza at most, whereas kids take only two slices. But if your friends have a higher appetite for pizza, you can add a slice of pizza or two for every individual. In addition, it is good to account for an extra pizza slice per person if you plan to order smaller pizzas or those with a thin crust.

Another good way to calculate the number of pizza slices you will require is by using a medium pizza size with eight slices. You will need to multiply the number of your guests by three slices per adult and two slices per kid. After that, you will have to divide the result by the number of pizza slices you will get from your desired pizza size.


Mostly, a single large pizza is good enough for two or four adults when you organize a lunch. However, dinner for a weekend Sports day with other snacks, such as wings and chips, will require at least two to four pizzas, especially if you stay together for a long time.

You can use an online pizza calculator to determine the number of pizzas you require for a large crowd numbering ten or more than 50 guests. The result would be more precise if you added the necessary data, such as:

  • The number of adults
  • The number of planned guests
  • How many people will eat only one slice is more likely.
  • The number of pizza slices
  • The number of people that will more likely eat more than a slice.

You can order medium-sized pizzas cut into ten slices for a kids’ party. However, you will also need to calculate food for their parents, who may come to eat while picking them up. 

Ordering Pizza For A Group

If you are ordering pizza for a group, you must keep in mind that there are a few differences when you plan parties with family gatherings or more people. In such cases, you should:

  • Order the largest pizza size possible
  • Order your pizza on time
  • Calculate the planned leftovers.

Best Pizza To Buy At Papa John’s

Papa John’s has all pizza sizes available. It’s now upon you to decide which one to order depending on the group you want to serve, from single serving, family and family gatherings, and kids’ events to more significant numbers of people.

The pizzas include;

Garden Fresh Pizza.

It is one of the meatless specialties at Papa John’s. Its delicacy is proof that you do not necessarily need meat to have a flavorful pizza. It comes with various ingredients, such as fresh-cut onions, ripe black olives, green peppers, vine-ripened Roma tomatoes, mushrooms, and the tasty mozzarella cheese. 

Cheese Pizza

The cheese pizza from Papa John’s is the original pizza most people know and love. This cheese pizza is perfect, and you can also completely customize it. It comes with crust options, such as stuffed crust and thin crust. Nothing beats a good, old-fashioned cheese pizza to satiate your cravings. 

Spicy Italian Pizza

The Spicy Italian Pizza may not be available at some Papa John’s locations. It has been discontinued at several locations. However, you can recreate it with the right toppings. If you come across a Papa John’s that still serves this delicious pizza, order it as soon as possible.

This Spicy Italian Pizza is the ultimate way to mix things up and bring some heat to pizza night. It comes with Papa John’s spicy Italian sausage and its premium pepperoni. In addition, your Spicy Italian Pizza will come with melted mozzarella cheese.


Papa John’s is peoples’ favorite significant stopover for pizzas in the United States and worldwide. All the pizza sizes are available with a variety of crusts and toppings. In addition, the prices of the pizzas vary with the locations, size, and add-ons such as the toppings. 

You can order Papa John’s pizza online or physically visit the store and buy a pizza in the size you need. If you have not tested Papa John’s pizza, we recommend that you try it out now. Quench yourself with a personal pizza, and later make an order for your family or friends. They’ll love it.