How Many People Does an 18 Inch Pizza Feed?

Even though a large is not your average pizza size, how many people do an 18-inch pizza feed? It’s still relatively common for a pizzeria to offer it on its menu.

However, when you get a pizza that is not the most usual of sizes, it opens up some interesting debates about what to expect.

So that is what we will look at today. By the end of this post, you will have everything you need to know about an 18-inch pizza, including how many people can be fed from this one pizza.

People tend to feel blown away by the thought of an 18-inch pizza. It’s made for sharing rather than one individual tucking into it. That does make you think about how many people this pizza would feed.

an 18 inch pizza

The Answer

But here is a problem with an 18-inch pizza. The number of people it can feed will vary depending on several factors. So, we do not have just one solitary answer that applies here.

However, there is a general rule of thumb when slicing up a pizza. With one that measures in at 18 inches, which is a large pizza, you should expect 12 slices to be sitting in the box when you open the lid.

But that means you should expect six people to be fed by an 18-inch pizza. Yet again, that depends on several factors, so it’s not as straightforward as you expect.

The Different Slice Options

So, we mentioned at the outset how different slicing options exist, which change depending on the pizzeria. The idea of 12 slices is almost like an industry standard, but you get some variation.

Of course, changing the number of slices can ultimately change how many people will end up fed the pizza. After all, you want everyone to have the same opportunity to eat the same amount if they want to.

So, here’s the thing.

Some pizzerias will cut it up into more slices. Several will cut it into 14 slices, and you could argue that this translates into seven people getting two slices each. But then, is that enough for those individuals?

the 18 inch pizza

Do You Get Fewer Slices?

But this is the point where it can become slightly confusing. Some pizzerias believe in cutting up even a pizza of this size into fewer slices than you may like.

It’s not unusual to discover a pizzeria cutting up an 18-inch pizza into only eight slices, which means you have a huge slice.

Now, that may not prove a problem for some people. It could mean you then feed eight people, as the sheer size of one slice remains impressive. However, it just comes across as too much pizza at one time.

It’s better to have the pizza divided up into more slices. It just makes it appear easier to eat when an individual slice does not overwhelm you in the same way as it would if an 18-inch pizza were divided into only eight slices.

Feeding More People?

But is it possible to feed more people with a pizza of this size? We think so, and for a good reason.

A couple of slices of a pizza this size equates to several slices of a smaller pizza. We will get into that a bit more shortly when we discuss the difference in the area size of the pizza.

But here is the wonderful thing about pizza. You can always have a selection of sides to help you out.

That’s something we recommend if you wish to bump up the number of people that can go ahead and have something adequate to eat from an 18-inch pizza. 

Thinking About Area Size 

People make the mistake of looking at the number of slices in a pizza and thinking they will miss out because the slice number is so high. So, let’s try and look at this differently.

If you have an 18-inch pizza, you get an area size of 254 square inches. To put this in perspective, look at your standard 12-inch pizza area size.

With a 12-inch pizza, you have an area size of 113 square inches. That means you get more than double the area size with an 18-inch pizza.

Keep in mind that you are not doubling that first number either, so that lets you see how massive an 18-inch pizza will be.

Also, as an interesting side note, even getting two individual 12-inch pizzas will result in a total area of 226 square inches. Even with that, you still get more pizza for your buck when you order an 18-inch pizza.

18 inch pizza slice

Other Cool Facts About an 18 Inch Pizza

But we have so much more to say about an 18-inch pizza that will help you better understand how many people it can feed.

After all, knowing the area size lets you see how massive this 18-inch pizza is when you compare it to other options.

The Dough

The dough for the crust adds so much to the overall appeal of the pizza. In the case of an 18-inch pizza, you will tend to look at a dough ball of around 24oz.

However, that’s also not set in stone, and it’s more of a general guide as to the amount of dough you should expect.

But that also changes depending on the type of pizza. A thin or ultra-thin crust may use slightly less than this.

A deeper crust will use slightly more than 24oz for the pizza, which may even change how you dish out the slices. 

Let’s face it; there’s much more eating in a thicker crust due to the added dough than you get in a thin crust.

The Cheese

As you would expect, an 18-inch pizza tends to come with a lot of cheese. It does have a large area to try to cover, and who wants a pizza with little in the way of cheese on there?

Generally, for a pizza of this size, you would require around 11oz of cheese to have enough of a covering to make it worthwhile.

Clearly, you can request additional cheese if you wish to do so, but you should find that this amount of cheese is more than enough.

Smaller Appetites

But if you have kids around for a party, you may find that cutting the pizza into 12 slices results in them receiving overly large slices. You have to remember the length of the slice, as well as the width.

At that point, we suggest having the pizzeria cut it up into 16 slices. You will then find that 16 kids can have an equal size slice each, and there’s a good chance they will love their pizza. 

Of course, you can have several sides to help boost how much they get to eat. However, we do not really recommend having it cut up into 18 slices. It makes the slices far too thin and looks kind of strange.

Even kids would see it as a bizarre slice of pizza. It hardly gives anybody a chance to experience the toppings on the pizza when the slices are as thin as an inch or so.

In other words, please don’t push it more than 16 slices as it’s not worth the hassle and disappointment people would experience when they open the box.

Overall Conclusion

An 18-inch pizza falls into the large category, so it should have no problem feeding between six and eight people.

Of course, it depends on appetite, but that should become an ample amount. If in doubt, you can also throw in some sides to make things more interesting.

But as we said throughout, it all comes down to the number of slices and how the pizza is divided. Some pizzerias cut an 18-inch pizza into 12 slices, while others cut it into 14.

Perhaps it’s best to know this information in advance before you go ahead and order.

Also, asking in advance how many slices comes with it allows you to get the pizzeria to change their approach if they often cut it up into fewer slices than you would like.

It’s easier to make changes at this point than to work out how to divide the pizza into equal slices once you get it home.

After all, that’s the easiest way to avoid people feeling left out and not getting enough pizza. Nobody wants that to happen to anyone.