How Many Slices Are In A 10-Inch Pizza?

When ordering a pizza, you also want to know how many slices are in a 10-inch pizza. What to expect regarding toppings. This question does change depending on the order.

So let’s go and explore what happens if you order what is often viewed as a small pizza: the 10-inch option.

People make the mistake of thinking a 10-inch pizza is only that, but what else is there to know? There’s more to understanding what makes up a pizza size than you think.

We also know this sounds as if it would be a simple question to answer. After all, the answer is even in the question.

However, we will spice things up by looking at what this means from an area perspective and even how much dough you need. 

By the end, you will have a newly discovered appreciation of a 10-inch pizza. 

10 inch pizza slices

The Size

Obviously, a 10 inch pizza will be 10 inches in size, but that never tells the full story. Instead, it merely refers to the size of the crust.

The toppings never cover that full 10 inches, and actually, the extent to which they reach to the edge varies between pizzerias.

For most places, a 10-inch pizza will be a small pizza. That does mean you should not expect too much in the way of slices. However, as you will soon see, the slices issue can sometimes become tricky.

Generally, even though you have a 10-inch crust, the toppings only cover around 9 inches of the actual surface.

This does vary depending on the place you order from, but you will often have that rim around the edge.

So, that does make it sound even worse from a toppings perspective when you consider that. 

The Average Number of Slices

Generally, you should expect six or eight slices with a 10-inch pizza. This variation in number does depend on the place you order from, but we think six is the better number. After all, it means a more substantial slice.

If you order from a place offering eight slices on such a small pizza, then prepare to feel disappointed. Let’s face it; you would have thin slices for a 10-inch pizza divided up in this manner. 

But here is something you may find crazy. Some pizzerias exist where they cut a 10-inch pizza into 10 slices. That’s insane, and even though it’s rare it’s always best to double-check how many slices the pizzeria suggests before ordering. 

10 inch pizza being cut

How Many People Does it Feed?

Many would argue that a 10-inch pizza would only feed one person, and we have probably all had a good shot at eating one on our own. However, if we work on a principle of two slices each, this pizza could work for three people.

Yet, because of the slice size, we think it’s more appropriate for a pizza of this size to feed two people. It just works out better having three slices each when dealing with a 10-inch pizza.

But here is a tip. It would help if you considered checking out the idea of adding some sides to the proceedings. That’s key if you try to feed three people with a pizza of this size.

The sides do mean people feel they get more than enough to eat, so that’s certainly some advice we recommend you take. 

And that’s part of the problem when it comes to pizza. What appears a lot for one person is not enough for others.

A 10-inch pizza may be only enough for one person, but it’s fair to say that 1-3 is the average as to the number of people this pizza size would feed. 

Other Things to Know About a 10 Inch Pizza

But we do believe you should know a few other things about a 10-inch pizza before you go ahead and order one.

For example, even though it’s classed as a small pizza, that does not make it a personal-sized pizza. Instead, it would help if you dropped to a six-inch or eight-inch pizza before it becomes personal-sized.

A 10-inch pizza will still come across as a sharing pizza. We know that’s hard to believe with the size, but that’s what the industry says. We know that, for some people, a 10-inch pizza would be just enough for a personal pizza. 

the 10 inch pizza

The Size Difference to a 12-Inch Pizza

But let’s compare it to a 12-inch pizza, and we don’t mean in the exact inches. You see, the area size changes between pizzas, and this gives a better indication of the actual size difference.

The area size is pretty obvious in the case of a 10-inch pizza compared to a 12-inch pizza.

For a 10-inch pizza, you will find it covers a total of 78 square inches. However, a 12-inch pizza sees that area size increase to 113 square inches. 

That’s a big difference, and it makes it sound as if the 12-inch pizza offers a whole lot more than a 10-inch pizza.

Comparing to an 8-Inch Pizza

But let’s go in the opposite direction and compare it to an 8-inch pizza. When you do this, you see the same sort of size difference.

Remember that a 10-inch pizza offers you those 78 square inches. Yet an 8- inch pizza offers you a mere 50 square inches.

Once again, we see that’s quite a big leap in size, and it does give a better indication of how the idea of a personal pizza kind of stops at eight inches.

The Dough Amount

But what about the amount of dough you need for a 10-inch pizza? Well, you need in the region of 8oz of dough for your normal pizza crust. 

Honestly, that’s not a lot of dough, but it all changes depending on the type of crust. A deep pan will need more dough than a thin crust.

How About Toppings?

But what happens with the toppings? Well, you can add your toppings or ask for something extra, but it’s not always as straightforward.

If you look at the cheese aspect, you would generally have less than 4oz of cheese on a pizza of this size.

We don’t know if you feel that’s more than enough or hardly any cheese, but you need to take that volume of cheese as a guide.

But anything too short of 4oz of cheese would still result in insufficient cheese on top to give it a good enough coverage. 

How About for Kids?

But let’s say you have a party and it involves kids. Is a 10-inch pizza suitable for that type of situation?

Honestly, if you have kids at a party, then the size of the slice is not as important as for adults. This is always thanks to the fact that slices in a kid’s eyes will always have a difference to those for an adult.

At that point, you could order a 10-inch pizza and have it cut into six slices with the idea of feeding six kids. Alternatively, you could go even smaller, ask for eight slices, and feed eight.

However, no matter which option you go for, you should always look at having those sides along with it. At that point, the kids at the party will not even notice the slice size. 

So, is it a suitable pizza for a party and to feed kids? Absolutely, but have other things alongside it to ensure everyone leaves the party feeling happy with what they had to eat.

Overall Conclusion

So, a 10-inch pizza does come across as small in size, and that’s reflected in how many people it should be able to feed.

In short, we think it’s best if this pizza size is cut up into six slices, with two people having three slices each.

Of course, it all comes down to personal preference and your appetite. That is why we suggest knowing who will be tucking into the pizza first and then working with the pizzeria to slice it up accordingly.

The good thing about a 10-inch pizza is that every pizzeria offers this size. You will also have all the usual options available regarding toppings, either from the set menu or choosing your own.

If you feel peckish but worry a 12-inch pizza would offer too much of a challenge, this size pizza may turn out perfect for you. But then, you can keep a few slices in the fridge if you feel it’s too much to consume at once.