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How Many Slices in a Large Pizza?

When ordering a large pizza, perhaps you plan on sharing it between people? Then knowing how many slices in a large pizza could prove beneficial.

You may have thought, or even anticipated, that the number of slices would stay the same no matter where you go. While that is often the case, it’s not as universal as you may have thought.

That is what we plan on checking out right here. We will look at everything you need to know about a large pizza and the number of slices you should expect to see when you open that box.

You see, we take so many things for granted when it comes to pizza. We don’t even think about various aspects as our main focus will always be on the act of eating it.

However, there is so much more to pizza than most people understand or are even aware of. So, let’s go through everything you need about large pizza and what happens when a pizza place slices it up.

large pizza sliced

The Size of a Large Pizza?

First, let’s quickly address what we mean when we talk about a large pizza. In general, you would have a pizza measuring 14 inches width across the absolute middle of the pizza. However, even that size is not a universal thing.

You may discover that some pizza places have their large pizza at either 12 inches or even 16 inches. That does then make a difference when it comes to the number of slices. 

However, throughout the rest of this post, we will stick to the idea of a 14-inch pizza as representing a large one.

The General Number of Slices in a Large Pizza

If we take the average size of a large pizza as 14 inches, the general consensus is you will receive a total of 10 slices. That is how they plan to divide the pizza into a reasonable-sized slice that would prove satisfactory for everyone.

Now we must point out that 10 slices do mean you have a reasonably sized slice and don’t feel you are missing out. Also, it feels easier to hold when a 14-inch pizza is divided into 10 slices.

In addition, even though a large pizza may be divided up into 10 slices, that does not mean each slice is equal in size. They cut things up so quickly that you get all sorts of sizes in your pizza.

Why 10 Slices?

The only reason why a 14-inch pizza tends to come with 10 slices relates to how they cut it. Someone a long time ago looked at a pizza of this size and decided they knew where they would slice it to cut it up.

You have no sense of science or anything else behind the fact a large pizza comes with 10 slices. No law states that a large pizza must have 10 slices either. 

However, we have now become so accustomed to it that we expect the pizza to come with as many slices as this. If we don’t get those 10 slices, then it almost looks as if something is wrong with the pizza.

slice of a large pizza

A Brooklyn Style Pizza Could Change Things

But let’s throw something different into the mix and look at a Brooklyn-style pizza. This type of pizza is well known for coming with some extra large slices, so it would not make sense for a 14-inch Brooklyn pizza to still come with ten slices.

While it does happen, you will probably find that a 14-inch Brooklyn-style pizza will come with eight slices rather than ten. That’s a big difference, and you will feel shocked and amazed at how it completely changes the size of the slice.

But you must remember that it translates into the slice feeling as if it’s harder to hold due to the size. Thankfully, the Brooklyn style works best when the slices are folded up in your hand, so there is a way to work around the larger slices.

But also remember that if a pizza is divided up into fewer slices that it probably means it can feed fewer people. After all, if everyone was to get two slices, then you would have four people eating a Brooklyn style while five people would get two slices from a normal 14-inch pizza.

That may translate into something you need to pay attention to when thinking about both the type of pizza you wish to order and also the size.

Some Places Cut Smaller Slices

But let’s also set the record straight on something else. Some places do cut pizzas into smaller sizes. 

People online report how their local pizza place will take a large pizza of 14 inches and cut it up into 12 or even 14 slices.

It just appears to be how they like to do it with no real rhyme or reason as to why that’s the case.

However, we don’t think that will always be bad. There are times when it can certainly work to your advantage.

Think of it this way. If you decide just to have some pizza as a snack, then a smaller slice of your large pizza means you don’t feel so guilty when you have two slices.

After all, they will equate to a fraction of what you would have normally eaten if you had eaten two normal slices.

But that’s not the only advantage you have when it comes to this.

pizza hut large pizza

It Feeds More People

If a pizza place does indeed cut their large pizza up into smaller slices, you can share it equally between more people.

It works great for a kid’s birthday party, and if ordering one, we suggest asking the pizza place to cut it into more slices.

Keep in mind that children care less about the size of the slices and more about how many slices exist on the pizza.

They prefer to see lots of slices as, in their eyes, it means there’s more pizza.

It’s a trick, but it keeps more kids satisfied from the one large pizza. Try it out with a couple of pizzas of the same size and see which one they feel happiest about.

Making the Slices Appear Larger

But let’s go back to the standard 10 slices on your pizza for a moment. Some people may feel that this is just not enough, especially if sharing the pizza with others. So, what do you do?

Well, you have an option that will make the slices appear larger, and it’s an obvious thing to do.

The key is ensuring the pizza has enough toppings to satisfy your pizza craving. Just going for a simple four-cheese pizza will mean it’s plain, boring, and also lacking in toppings.

But imagine if you swapped that four cheese option for something more filling? That idea certainly makes so much sense when you consider how many fillings exist in a pizza place.

Throw on some pepperoni, spiced beef, peppers, mushrooms, cheese, and anything else you like. Remember, you don’t have to stick to what appears on the menu at your local pizza place.

Instead, look at making your pizza toppings to ensure you include as much as possible. We think this is the best solution out there, and it’s one we highly recommend to people.

By adding more toppings, you will make each slice feel as if it’s more filling than it could have otherwise been. That’s a great thing, and it does make a huge difference to how you feel after a couple of slices.

Overall Conclusion

If you go ahead and order a large pizza, then you can expect to receive 10 slices. However, while that is the most common outcome, it’s not the only one.

Of course, you could go ahead and make more slices on your own by using a pizza cutter at home. That’s a great way of adding more slices to a large pizza when you have several children you wish to feed.

Perhaps the best thing to do if planning on ordering pizza is to check the menu of whichever place you intend to check out. They will often state how many slices, and if you have any questions, just ask. It is as simple as that.

But then, if you also feel unhappy at the number of slices, ask the pizza place to cut more into the pizza. Most will have no problem with doing that, but let them know in advance or you will end up with the standard number.