How Much Dough Do I Need for a 12-Inch Ooni Pizza?

Have you bought an Ooni pizza oven complete with pizza stone? So, how much dough do I need for a 12-inch Ooni pizza?

Luckily for you, we have the answer that should mean you end up with the perfect pizza every time.

If you plan on making your pizza at home, then one question you need to tackle is just how much dough you require for the crust.

This becomes even trickier when you have perhaps never made one before and have no idea where to begin.

However, we will not only tell you how much dough you need. Instead, we will also take you through the steps you should follow to get the perfect crust. 

This is something even people new to baking should be able to do. It only includes a few ingredients mixed in with some patience to let the dough rise.

So, let’s take you through it all and get you working towards producing the perfect pizza crust.

mixing pizza dough

The Answer

For a 12-inch Ooni pizza, what we suggest is to have a dough ball that is around 10oz in weight. That will be enough for you to spread the dough to make the crust and get the right thickness.

Of course, if you want a thick crust, then things will change somewhat. The good news is we will cover all the bases over the next few minutes.

We know it’s tough to imagine what 10oz of dough looks like. So, we will also include the recipe we feel you should follow to get to the correct amount of dough.

You may be surprised at how little you need to get the correct size dough ball with each ingredient. But first, we need to address something pretty important.

But Why Do Some Places State a Different Amount?

Before delving into the world of dough, you may notice some places state a different figure regarding the amount of dough you require. Well, we can explain.

When we talk about 10oz of dough, that is to ensure you get the right thickness. If you go below that, and some places state you only need around 5.5oz of dough, you are getting an exceptionally thin crust.

Now, we know some people prefer an ultra-thin crust. We have no problem with that, but you also need to be aware of something that could happen when you go this thin.

If you make your crust too thin, you increase the chances of the edges of the crust effectively burning. It’s only natural for the very edge to be the thinnest part when making pizza at home, and you may see the edges becoming burnt in no time.

We feel that by simply increasing the thickness of the crust by even just a small amount, you will eliminate that problem instantly.

Of course, perhaps you love the burnt crust taste, so everything is fine, and keep using that smaller amount of dough.

pizza dough rising

How to Make the Correct Amount of Dough

So you know that 10oz of dough is what you need to make a 12-inch Ooni pizza. The next question you probably have on your mind is how on earth you manage to get to that amount.

Well, the key is in the recipe.

To get 10oz of dough, you will need the following:

  • 10g of salt
  • 500g of flour
  • 300ml of cold water
  • 7g of yeast

Mixing those quantities should ultimately lead to getting that 10oz ball of dough. If you measure everything out perfectly, it’s almost impossible not to end up with the correct amount of dough.

The Method

Here is how we believe you should make the dough to achieve the perfect consistency. 

First, take ⅔ of the water and put it into a glass bowl. Make sure you keep this cold. Then, take the rest of the water and bring it to a boil.

The aim is to add the hot water to the cold water. This should then provide you with the correct temperature to activate the yeast.

Remember, you want the yeast to do so much of the hard work to get some of that rise in the crust.

When you mix the water, add both the yeast and the salt. You then need to whisk everything together to start the dough-making process.

When the salt and yeast are mixed, you need to add the flour to another bowl and incorporate the yeast mixture with the flour.

At this point, you need to use your hands or a plastic spatula to start blending everything together.

Your aim here is to mix everything until you can effectively make a dough ball.

The Kneading Part

Once you have created that dough ball, move on to the kneading part. Add some flour to a solid surface, and lift the dough ball out of the ball.

You will want to use your hands for this part as it’s time to work on the dough.

You aim to get to a point where the dough feels stretchy and firm. This should take less than 10 minutes to reach the stage.

But a warning, take your time with the kneading part, or your hands will tire out quite easily.

Once you have kneaded the dough to the point where it’s easy to stretch, you need to cover it and leave it alone for between one to two hours.

This gives it time to rise and ensures you leave it in a warm place, not in the refrigerator.

Two Hours Later

After a couple of hours, the dough ball should have almost doubled in size. Here, you need to cut it into four equal sizes and place those pieces on a single tray or in individual bowls.

You then need to cover them with plastic wrap and leave them alone for another 20 minutes. You should see that they have doubled in size again, and you are then in a position to make your pizza.

Making Your Pizza Crust

Take one of the dough balls and form as close to a perfect circle as possible. That does make it easier when it comes to attempting to recreate a circular pizza.

You must add some flour to your hands and the surface you will be working on. That stops the dough from sticking and you ruining your pizza crust.

Begin by kneading the dough into a disc shape. It should still maintain a circular shape. Starting in the middle, begin to pull and stretch your dough outwards, making it bigger.

Keep repeating this, and you will eventually have a 12-inch pizza crust perfect for your Ooni pizza oven.

Of course, you can freeze the other dough balls you made to get this one to use at some point in the future. They freeze well and last for several months without losing their taste or quality.

working pizza dough

Extra Tips

We want you to get the perfect dough every time, so here are a few extra tips that could make a difference.

Holes in the Dough

If you discover holes in your dough when you make your crust, then don’t worry. All that’s required is to pinch the holes together with your fingers, and everything is fixed.

Don’t Skip the Kneading

Also, don’t skip kneading the dough for around 10 minutes. If the dough comes out as too tough or too sticky, it usually means you failed to knead it enough before cooking.

Be Careful with the Water

Keep an eye on the water content, or you will ruin your dough. It should never exceed 65% of the flour content, or your dough will just not come together correctly. Even if your dough looks dry, don’t feel tempted to add more water.

Making dough for a pizza should not be difficult, but we admit it will take a few attempts before you feel as if you have everything right.

Overall Conclusion

To make a 12-inch Ooni pizza, you will require 10oz of dough. We have taken you through the quantities of ingredients that you will need to get the correct amount.

It’s nice and simple, and as long as you stick to the measurements, you should have no real problem.

After making the dough, all required is to fire up your Ooni pizza oven and add your toppings. It doesn’t take too long to achieve all of this, and you can have a wonderful homemade pizza ready for you.