How Much is the Big Dinner Box At Pizza Hut and What’s Included?

If you want something capable of packing a punch and filling the entire family, then you need to give some serious consideration to the Big Dinner Box At Pizza Hut. Even the name gives some indication as to what you should expect from this item off their menu.

However, before you rush off and order it for your family, you may want to know more about what you get, and also how much it will cost you. Also, you do have the option to include some variations when it comes to personalizing your order, so we will cover that as well.

Pizza Hut has the ability to come up with these types of special deals or boxes that can feed more than one person. The Big Dinner Box remains one of these options.

However, it does come with a problem. This option will not always appear on the menu. Pizza Hut removes it at various times, and they do tend to use it in more of a promotional way rather than something that you can always find on a menu.

We actually hate that idea. It just represents an item that we know people love, and yet they need to deal with the frustration of not always having the ability to get it. 

But all of that to one side, we need to look more closely at what you get in this box and see if it does end up offering some value.

big dinner box

What is the Big Dinner Box?

The first thing you will notice with the Big Dinner Box is just how much you get. When they say you can feed an average family, then they were serious about that.

Basically, what you get in the Big Dinner Box is two medium-sized pizzas, five breadsticks, and a direct choice between a pasta dish, or some wings. Alternatively, you can swap out the pasta or wings option for a third medium-sized pizza. It really is up to you.

That does equate to a lot of food. However, you do need to take a few things into consideration when it comes to deciding on the actual items you wish to include in your Big Dinner Box.

One thing we can guarantee is your entire family will look on with astonishment when they open up the Big Dinner Box. It’s huge, and crammed full of food that will quickly fill every one.

So, let’s go through how this all works in order to make your life that bit easier. After all, you probably feel like finding out more, such as what you get in the box.

You Have Different Options

But before we delve deeper into what’s included, you should know that different box options exist. Also, these different options do come with different prices attached, so it’s worth keeping that in mind.

Another thing to point out is we cannot guarantee that each option will become available at your local Pizza Hut. So, your options may come with some limitations, which is kind of unfortunate in our minds.

big dinner pasta

With Breaded Boneless Wings

With the different options available, you have one filled with WingStreet Breaded Boneless Wings, and this box sells at $23.99. In this box, you get two medium-sized pizzas with a single topping on each, five breadsticks, and eight wings.

With Traditional Wings

Another option sees the breaded wings swapped out for traditional wings. This box sells at $26.99, and it comes with the same two medium-sized pizzas along with the breadsticks, and a total of six traditional wings.

With Pasta

If you don’t like wings, then you can go for this pasta option which retails at $23.99. With this option, you get those two medium sized pizzas, five breadsticks, and you can then choose from the different pasta dishes available at Pizza Hut.

With Three Pizzas

But if the options listed above do not appeal, then all is not lost. You can swap the wings or pasta out and replace it with another pizza. This box also retails at $23.99, and you get three medium-sized pizzas and five breadsticks.

So, you have options available, but you need to check out what goes on when it comes to your pizza, pasta, or wings options.

The Breadsticks

Let’s get the easy thing out of the way first, the breadsticks. You get five of them. It’s as simple as that, and they kind of stay there in the box even if you start to swap out other options. 

Basically, Pizza Hut wants you to have breadsticks in this order, and that’s the end of it for you.

the big dinner

The Pizza

So let’s look more closely at the pizza options. As we said, you get two medium-sized pizzas in the Big Dinner Box, or three if you swap it out. However, don’t think you can just go ahead and add in any old pizza that you feel like.

Instead, it’s going to focus on either the thin crust or the hand-tossed crust. You don’t really get any other option when it comes to the crust aspect.

And then there’s the topping.

You have restrictions on the number of toppings that you can add to your pizza. Actually, you only get one topping. So, if you want pepperoni, then that’s what you get. Alternatively, if you want just a plain old cheese pizza, then ask for extra cheese as your topping.

Of course, you can have one pepperoni and one chicken pizza if you wanted to. That’s not a problem. 

The Pasta

Looking at the pasta option, then you will notice that you do have several options available. The good news for any purchaser of the Big Dinner Box is that you can choose any option you like.

What that means is if you want the Creamy Chicken Alfredo or the Chicken Milano, then you can get it. As long as it’s one of the pasta dishes that appear on the Pizza Hut menu, then you can add it to your box.

But keep in mind you get only one. You cannot swap out a pizza and replace it with another pasta dish if that is what you would prefer.

The Wings

We mentioned how you have two options regarding wings and the Big Dinner Box, but do keep in mind that traditional wings come with a higher price, and you don’t get as many.

And then there are the dipping sauce options. You can choose from any of those that appear on the menu at your local Pizza Hut.

That does mean you can expect to choose from sauces such as marinara, Texas honey, California ranch, and New York buffalo. However, you only choose the one to go with your wings.

Availability and Pricing

But here comes the not-so-nice part. The Big Dinner Box is not something that always appears on the menu. Also, the price and variations of boxes can differ depending on your location.

We suggest you go ahead and call your local Pizza Hut restaurant in advance to learn more about what is going on, and whether or not the Big Dinner Box remains available. 

It can come across as frustrating that you may encounter some variations depending on your location. However, you can easily contact Pizza Hut for some advice and see where your local one stands when it comes to the Big Dinner Box.

Is it Value For Money?

So you probably also want to know if this represents value for money, and it most certainly does. You need to consider how much it costs just for the two medium-sized pizzas, and then see how much of that $24 it takes up. Add in the cost of the wings or pasta, and you quickly go past that $24. 

So basically, if you were to order each thing individually, then it would cost way more than $24, so it does mean you save some money in your pocket. Also, you can feed a family of four with ease when you order a Big Dinner Box.

Overall Conclusion

The Big Dinner Box knows how to make its mark, and it does that with absolute ease. The box also represents real value for money no matter the box option you end up choosing. Honestly, we feel as if you should try them all out at different times to then see which one you actually prefer.

From pizza, to wings, and finally to pasta, it’s easy to add something into the box that everyone will love, so nobody should miss out. In fact, the only problem you should really have here remains to decide which topping or which pasta you feel like adding to your box.

At the end of the day, this box has no problem with feeding the family, so you don’t have to always stress about cooking. Why not let the Big Dinner Box do all of the hard work for you for a change?