How Much is the Triple Treat Box at Pizza Hut and What’s in it?

If you have ever been interested in the prospect of a three-course meal via Pizza Hut and had no idea what to do, then can we talk about the Triple Treat Box at Pizza Hut?

Launched only a couple of years ago, this particular item on the menu certainly packs a punch. However, if you feel unfamiliar with the Triple Treat Box, then rest assured that we can help you gain a better understanding of what’s on offer, and also how much it will cost.

Now, this is all for the market in the United States when it comes to the prices. So do keep that in mind as you check it out.

Pizza Hut does come up with these special items from time to time, but you should know that the Triple Treat Box will not always appear on the menu. However, we will cover that later.

What is the Triple Treat Box?

So before we get into the actual cost of the Triple Treat Box, let’s work through what you get when you order it. Prepare yourself though because you do get quite a lot for your money.

Typically, you get a starter, main course and a dessert which makes up the Triple Treat Box. First, you receive breadsticks followed by two medium pizzas, and it’s all rounded off with Cinnabon Mini Rolls.

We do admit that this box packs a whole lot into what they offer, and while the starter and dessert, if you want to call them that, lacks variety, the same cannot be said about the pizza.

But you do need to know more about your options when it comes to ordering a Triple Treat Box. After all, what would be the fun of ordering something where you cannot go ahead and personalize at least some aspects?

Well, with the Triple Treat Box, you certainly can personalize different aspects, as we will now show.

Everything is Covered

You will notice that the Triple Treat Box does indeed cover all the bases. Now, the pizza options remain the main focus, and there’s no doubt that getting two medium-sized pizzas remains the star of the show, but having a starter and dessert thrown in for good measure is amazing.

Also, the box itself does not really change depending on your location in the United States. We need to say this as other items on the menu may change according to local variations, even though the core of the menu stays the same.

Your Pizza Options

As we just said, you do get two different medium pizzas in this box, and that’s impressive. However, we must point out you only get a single topping on each pizza, so you do need to contend with some limitations. 

But on the flip side, you do get to choose from a couple of crusts, and that could make the difference. Generally, you can choose between the hand-tossed option or the thin-crust option. Some places will allow you to select the Original Pan, but you need to pay extra for that.

Even though you do face restrictions in the way of toppings, it’s not all bad. It does mean you could have a pepperoni pizza as one option and a simple cheese pizza as the other. Or, pepperoni on one and chicken on your second.

But Why Restrictions?

It is understandable why Pizza Hut placed these restrictions when you see the price later on. If they didn’t restrict people, then Pizza Hut would lose a lot of money as this box does represent real value for money.

But as long as you realize you cannot go ahead and just throw any number of toppings on the pizza, then there’s no reason why you would not feel content with what you get.

What we recommend is to think carefully about your toppings in advance. You can easily check to see what’s available via Pizza Hut, and then start to decide which combination you wish to see on your Triple Treat Box pizzas.

However, do keep in mind that you can only order a medium-sized pizza when you want a Triple Treat Box. They do not allow you to change the size, and you will always get two of them when you place your order. This remains one area where you cannot personalize it.

But aside from pizza and the ability to personalize things to a certain extent, you do have something else you can personalize.

triple treat box

Boneless Bites

Some Triple Treat Boxes also come with boneless bites included, and you do have some options when it comes to customizing them. 

The main thing you need to choose from is the dipping sauce. Of course, you could go for absolutely nothing, but that’s kind of boring. Instead, you could go for their buffalo sauce, complete with different burn factors, Indian butter, salt and pepper, garlic parmesan, honey garlic, or honey BBQ. 

These bites are pretty good and the fact you can choose the dipping sauce goes a long way to make them taste even better. Sadly, you only get to choose one, so best take some time thinking about which you prefer before you go ahead and place your order. 

As you can see, you do have a number of options, and it’s great that Pizza Hut does give some freedom wherever possible. If you have no clue which option to choose, then we suggest mild buffalo sauce. It just adds some cool flavor to the boneless bites and sets you up perfectly for your main course.

the triple treat


Your dessert option means Cinnabon, but that’s not exactly a bad thing either. At least you know exactly what you will get for your money, and have you ever been disappointed by what’s on offer with the Cinnabon name attached to it?

Also, as you get minis in thie Triple Treat Box, it does mean you feel you can enjoy them without overeating. After all, this does come at the end of your meal, and after you have hopefully polished off your entire pizza.

Also, getting 10 of them represents a good return on your money. There’s no need to eat them all at once though no matter how tempting it may prove.

The Price

The price does vary as this Triple Treat Box will often appear around holiday time, and then there can be special deals applied to it as well. Basically, you will pay $35 for the Triple Treat Box, but we have seen it go as low as just over $20 if a special deal exists.

When you think about how you get all of these different things in the box, then you understand those restrictions on toppings. It represents real value for money, and you do end up with a complete meal all within one box.

When you add up the individual things included in the box, then you do save yourself some cash. Of course, this saving increases if you manage to grab that special deal, at which point it does end up becoming something of a bargain.

So, When Can You Order it?

Typically, the Triple Treat Box remains a holiday item that appears on their menu, and it then vanishes again until the next year. However, we feel this makes no sense as it does represent something that people would want to buy at any point.

They market the Triple Treat Box as something that people want when they feel like eating something during the holiday period, and yet don’t have the time. Well, that happens at various times throughout the year as well.

But the one thing we suggest is to check your local menu and see if it appears. If in any doubt, you can call your local Pizza Hut and ask them about it. They will happily tell you if the Triple Treat Box is indeed available.

Overall Conclusion

Pizza Hut did create a cool thing when they launched the Triple Treat Box, and it’s something that should hang around for longer periods of time than it does. Maybe this wil happen at some point in the future?

Here, you get a substantial amount of food for an impressive price, so if you feel like ordering in and avoiding cooking, while enjoying three courses, then Pizza Hut has you covered. It comes in the perfect box, and allows you to feel satisfied with your meal.

By ordering this box, you do save yourself some money compared to the individual items, and our only complaint is the fact they do not always have this box available on their menu. If only they spent time realizing that people have always loved the box and make sure it becomes a more permanent fixture on the menu.

So which options do you plan on taking when it comes to your toppings? At least getting two pizzas gives you two attempts. So why not see if the Triple Treat Box appears on your local menu and give it a shot?