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How Old Do You Have to Be to Work at Pizza Hut?

Here, we intend on keeping things as nice and simple as possible. So, let’s go through not only the age you need to be to work at Pizza Hut but to also provide any other information we think you may need to know.

What happens if you want to work at Pizza Hut? While qualifications to get started in a role at this worldwide pizza chain may come across as minimal, there is one thing you need to be, and that’s old enough to work.

The problem with the workplace is that different companies and brands have their own ideas as to the minimum age you should be to work there.

Add in the fact that worldwide brands need to then fit in with employment laws in the respective country, and what you get is a more complicated picture than necessary.

pizza hut worker

The Answer

As we alluded to earlier on, the minimum age depends on your country, and here’s a quick example.

In the United States, you generally need to be at least 16 years old to work at Pizza Hut. That all sounds pretty reasonable, but if you live in the UK, then 16 is too young. In the UK, the minimum age is set at 18 years old to work in Pizza Hut.

But the answer becomes even more complicated than even this, and it’s pretty crazy. So, let’s go through some of the reasons why you have to be a certain age when you want to work at Pizza Hut.

The Age Depends On the Job

The main reason why the minimum age will change depends on the job you wish to apply for. As an example, if you wish to work as a cook or as a server, then the minimum age is 16.

However, if you intend to apply for a job as a delivery driver for Pizza Hut, then this is where it goes up to a minimum age of 18. 

So what’s also involved in working at Pizza Hut? To answer that, we can look at the different types of jobs you could apply for to help you determine if that job could suit you.

A Server at Pizza Hut

As a 16 year old, you can work as a server at Pizza Hut. That means you will deal with the public and are the face of Pizza Hut. 

Here, you greet the customers and make sure they get what they want, and along with Pizza Hut paying you, it’s also possible you pick up tips from the customers as well. 

This job can work well at helping you develop your ability to interact with people, as you need to do it on a constant basis. Be aware it can get quite busy at times, so you then deal with various tables and a number of individuals, so don’t think it’s all easy. It’s not.

working at pizza hut

A Cook at Pizza Hut

Another option is to become a cook at Pizza Hut, and this job is another one that is open to you as a 16-year-old. Now, you may think that a 16-year-old with no experience would struggle as a cook here, but they do provide all the training you need.

Keep in mind that you will find yourself working in the kitchen and ensuring the customers get the pizza they ordered. You need to work at a fast pace, and also have the ability to follow orders and to understand what is going on at all times.

It also helps if you feel you can work well in a team. Everyone needs to pull together in the kitchen to ensure all those pizzas are sent out to the correct customers in the shortest time possible.

You should note that you will only earn an hourly rate doing this job. You have no opportunity to land some extra tips since you stay in the kitchen rather than dealing directly with the customers themselves.

A Delivery Driver at Pizza Hut

As an 18 year old, you have another option when it comes to working for Pizza Hut, and that’s the role of a delivery driver. Of course you will need your own vehicle to get you around and deliver those pizzas to everyone who ordered them.

This job means you get an hourly rate, and you do stand a chance of picking up tips along the way as well. However, the number of tips you get will fluctuate a huge amount, so don’t rely on them too much.

For this job, you need to have the ability to smile and come across as warm to all the customers you meet. You need to do this even when you have had a bad day. 

It will also help if you have a clean driving record. Pizza Hut prefers this, so if you have had some problems in that area, then you may find that a delivery driver job is not for you.

It also makes sense that your vehicle must have insurance, and you do need the ability to drive. This job does not come with the ability to learn certain aspects on the job.

Apart from the vehicle side of things, you do need to come across as friendly. This remains key since you deal with customers and hand over their pizza. 

Also, it will help if you can deal with customers who perhaps feel angry at the length of time they had to wait. You need the ability to not react to them, and to make sure they just feel happy and content to have their pizza.

pizza hut delivery

How Much Do You Earn?

How much you earn when working at Pizza Hut depends on a number of factors. First, it depends on the country you live in since minimum hourly rates will vary.

Also, your age plays a factor as a 16-year-old will end up earning a different hourly rate to someone who is 18 years old. But there’s another area where the amount of money you earn will differ.

You see, a server at Pizza Hut will earn less per hour than a cook. That’s because they place an emphasis on tips to make up the rest of what a server can earn in an hour.

Working in the kitchen means you cannot earn the same amount, so a cook gets that higher hourly rate. But a delivery driver has yet another hourly rate. 

As a delivery driver, your hourly rate comes in as more than a server, but you also get the opportunity to earn tips. However, you need to keep your vehicle running, so that explains the higher hourly rate. 

Also, you do need to take into consideration how many people you can deliver to in an hour, and also the distance you will travel. It all takes up some of your hourly rates, so you have to think about your costs along with what you earn.

Do You Need Any Experience?

Finally, let’s address this point regarding experience. Honestly, while it would help if you had some experience of dealing with customers, it’s not going to define your ability to land that job.

Instead, a 16-year-old will clearly not have that experience, and it all comes down to how they present themselves at the interview. They have more of a call for people to come across as confident and happy when dealing with the public rather than anything else.

As long as you appear polite and courteous, then you should have no problem. The only other requirement is the need to turn up on time and to follow team orders. If you do that, then your time at Pizza Hut should work well for you.

Overall Conclusion

So if you want to land a job at Pizza Hut and are under 16, then think again. You will not land a job until a minimum of 16, and that age may even rise to 18 under certain circumstances. Double-check what applies to you before you go ahead and start applying for any position.

The best approach is to contact the local Pizza Hut in your area and talk to them. Let them know what type of job you would like and ask the minimum requirements. They can put you in the picture and you can then determine if this will indeed prove a possibility.

Working at Pizza Hut when such a young age can prove highly useful even for your future career. It shows a willingness to get out there and earn money even when young. 

Pizza Hut can certainly add something to your resume for the future. It may come across as the ideal way to launch your career by working for different people. 

For a 16-year-old, this could prove the ideal solution, so if you find yourself in this situation, then consider applying. It could end up a wonderful decision that helps set you up for the rest of your life.