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MOD Pizza Sizes – Full List

The MOD pizza provides you with ample opportunity to personalize and perfect your own individual pizza. So what are MOD pizza sizes? With so many toppings and sauces to choose from, the options you see before you do come across as pretty limitless.

But even though it’s easy to find yourself side-tracked with the toppings aspect, there is one other area you need to focus on, and that’s the pizza size.

Now, we are already familiar with the idea of going to a pizzeria and having different sizes to choose from, but what happens when you have a made on-demand pizza? Does this change at all?

Well, that’s a question we plan on answering right here. How does it all work when it comes to the size of pizza that you are tailoring to meet your own taste buds? Is there an upper or lower limit regarding the size of the pizza?

We feel that understanding the size part is pretty important when it comes to a MOD pizza, so let’s get on with explaining it all to you.

mod pizza restaurant

The Sizes

Typically, you have three sizes to choose from with a MOD pizza, and while that’s less than you may see elsewhere, it’s because of the importance placed on the toppings.

Now, we know this could come across as disappointing, especially when you see how small these pizzas tend to be, but we need you to look past that.

So, what are the sizes?

The Default Size

The default size for a MOD pizza is the 11-inch pizza. If you don’t suggest a size, then that’s what you will get. Now this size comes across as pretty standard, and it’s certainly not really that different from what you will get at other pizzerias.

However, even though the default size is set at 11 inches, your main issue will always be how to go ahead and get all your favorite toppings on the pizza.

This pizza comes across as slightly more than a thin crust, but there’s certainly not as much dough as you would get with a deep pan. That does mean it has an ample crust without feeling as if you have too much crust to contend with at the one time.

Ultimately, the 11-inch pizza crust will tend to come across as a suitable option for most people, and that’s why it remains as popular compared to the other couple of options on the table.

The Smaller Size

The smaller size is also known as the Mini, and it does come across as significantly smaller than the default size. In fact, the Mini measures some six inches, and that’s slightly smaller in size than the standard ‘small’ pizza you see at other pizzerias.

But here’s an important point to make. The Mini is very small in size, but you must remember you have the ability to pick and choose your toppings. So, this small pizza still has the space for you to stack it high with toppings.

The result of this is that your Mini pizza can end up with multiple toppings all squeezed into this small space. It means each bite you take is met with a whole lot of flavor, and that’s what you should aim for at all times.

So while this pizza may come across as small in one sense, it’s larger than life in other ways and we love that about it. Don’t be put off with the idea of a 6-inch pizza. It will surprise you how full you will feel after this.

MOD pizza

The Larger Size

On the other side of the scale, we have the larger MOD pizza size, and that’s also known as the Mega pizza. However, it’s not larger in the way you would expect.

You see, this pizza still measures the same as the default size, but it’s the amount of dough that is at the heart of the Mega pizza. You see, they use double the dough and this results in you having a thicker crust than you get with the default. However, the actual measurement across the pizza remains the same.

But this does then mean you have the same opportunity to add in as many toppings as possible just as you do with the default size pizza. At 11 inches, you do have so many possibilities and it’s all down to your own personal preferences as to what you want added to your pizza.

So what we can say about this Mega size pizza from MOD pizza is that it’s best for people who don’t mind a thicker crust. If you typically do not enjoy the crust aspect, and always order thin crust, then this Mega size is not the one for you. 

But Why So Few Sizes?

The reason why MOD pizza has gone with so few sizes is simply that they focus more on the toppings and the ability to pick and choose your own pizza. By adding in too many different sizes, it means you may not spend as much time on the toppings aspect.

You see it’s the ability to make a pizza on your demand of your choosing that remains the main selling point here. That remains the thing that marks MOD pizza out as different from the other pizzerias out there.

So they have decided to narrow down your options in one area, and that’s not exactly a bad thing when you stop and think about it.

Also, the dough they use is the same across each crust size. It’s not too heavy a crust either and has some strength since it needs to contend with those toppings that you may wish to pile up on your pizza.

A MOD pizza

Different Crusts

The relatively few size options also appear when looking at the different crusts. They have their standard crust, which is then doubled up when you order a Mega pizza, but aside from that, they only have two other real crusts.

Those crusts are a gluten-free option and also a cauliflower rice crust. However, if you were thinking that the cauliflower crust would work for vegans, that’s not the case. So, be aware of that if you were searching for a vegan pizza.

But aside from those few options, they do not generally go for the multitude of crust options you find with other pizzerias. This does take a while to get used to it. After all, most of us know what it’s like to enter a pizzeria and have all these sizes and different crusts.

As a result, doing something a bit different catches us out, but that’s why MOD pizza has the ability to come across as completely different to the other pizzerias out there.

However, as we said earlier when talking about the sizes, we don’t really see this as a problem. Once again, your primary focus remains on the toppings.

The Advantages of a MOD Pizza

So let’s look more closely at the clear advantages associated with a MOD pizza. 

First, there’s the undoubted fact that you don’t need to simply look at the menu and see the usual suspects. That’s pretty boring, and it hardly gives you the scope to try something brand new. 

But that’s not all.

We get to compile our own toppings, and a number of toppings even on a small crust. If you want to effectively pile the toppings high, then you can do so. It’s really up to you, and that’s a cool thing in our book.

There’s also the simple fact that MOD pizza only uses the freshest ingredients even in the crust. Everything is of the best quality, and it does shine through when it comes to how the pizza tastes.

But there’s no doubt in our mind that it’s the fact you could effectively add as many toppings as you would normally get on a 14-inch pizza onto their 6-inch pizza that gets us excited. It’s almost as if those smaller sizes pack a real pocket punch when it comes to a pizza.

Overall Conclusion

As you can see, the pizza sizes list for a MOD pizza is actually shorter than you see elsewhere and with other pizzerias. However, we don’t feel that this should put you off giving them a go.

Instead, we suggest focusing on the toppings options and the way in which you can then personalize everything until you feel you have the combination of the toppings you have always been wanting. That is the absolute key here, and the size comes in second place.

Sure they could have perhaps introduced a couple of other size options, but it also shows the confidence they have in everything else they do in their pizzeria. They feel so confident about the quality of their ingredients that there’s no need to offer so many other options.

But with such a wide range of options available to you, buying a MOD pizza does come across as a whole lot of fun. If you have never tried it, then do the sensible thing and have a look at what they offer. You may find yourself surprised by it all.