Roccbox vs Ooni Pizza Ovens – What Is Better and Why?

Regarding pizza ovens, two names tend to stand out from the crowd. Both Roccbox and Ooni pizza ovens have certainly built a strong reputation for themselves, but out of the two, which one do you think is the best?

This is not the easiest of questions to answer, but as we love pizza and want you to have the best experience, we will attempt to answer it. 

So, to do this, we looked at several key areas to give you the best overall idea of the reasons behind our conclusion.

Now, we are not saying that you have to agree with us. Some people will disagree, but at the end of the day, the main thing is the ability to enjoy pizza.

Having your pizza oven is certainly something more people want to do. The newer versions do come across as more portable and are also very easy to maintain and use.

If you love to entertain outdoors and deliver gorgeous pizza to everyone, then owning a pizza oven has to appear on your list of things to do. But you then have a problem as several options are on the market.

With that in mind, let’s work through both pizza ovens to make that final decision. We have picked two of the best brands, so this may not be as easy as we would like.

roccbox vs ooni

Fuel Options

Let’s begin by clearing up something identical between both ovens, and that’s the fuel options. You will quickly see that they can run on gas, charcoal, and wood. 

This is cool simply because you can jump between those fuel options depending on whether you want more of a smoked pizza experience or if you want to go full-on gas.

Both ovens make it easy for you to move between the options, so at this point, they sit level with one another.

It comes down to personal preference, but we love that you can even jump between these different fuel options. In this respect, we cannot split the two ovens as they do the same thing.

Size Options

Size options is where things start to change. Roccbox only has one size now, and it’s a 12-inch pizza oven. Ooni takes a different approach. They currently offer six different oven sizes, which makes a difference.

While they do offer a 12-inch size pizza oven, Ooni also has a 16-inch oven on their product list. That could end up the one thing that makes all the difference to you when deciding which oven to buy.

Of course, this only makes a difference if you tend to want to cook large pizzas. If that’s not the case, and you only opt for the average size, then these differences will not apply to you.

However, it’s certainly worth knowing that Ooni does come with more options. 

The Maximum Temperature

When we looked at the maximum temperature available in both oven options, we found that they came up again. Both can get up to 950F, which is impressive, so there’s no need to worry about your pizza not ending up cooked in either oven.

But as we will discuss later, there is a slight difference between the two brands regarding a certain temperature aspect.

The good thing is that they go well past the minimum temperature of 500F that we feel a pizza should be cooked. 

the ooni pizza oven

The Weight

There is a marked difference in the weight between both brands. The Roccbox is heavy at around 44 lbs, while the equivalent Ooni oven weighs 26.5 lbs, and that’s significantly lighter.

Admittedly, the weight of the oven may not be something that concerns you. After all, your main focus is on the way it cooks pizza.

But here is why the Roccbox weighs more. It contains extra insulating layers that help the oven retain heat.

While this sounds impressive and sounds like it would be a useful addition, that’s not the case.

If your oven is up to the maximum temperature, it will cook pizza in literally two minutes.

Do you need the oven to retain heat when it takes such a short time to cook? Probably not.

An Extra Note About Insulating Layers

But we like the extra layers for another reason: the outer temperature of the oven. As the oven uses these layers to retain heat, less heat hits the outside.

That means the outside of the Roccbox does not get as hot to the touch as the Ooni oven.

That’s a great thing from a safety perspective, and it is even better when you have children running around knowing there’s less chance of them burning their fingers.

So whether or not this is important to you depends on how you plan on using the oven.

It may not end up a big deal for some people, but it’s a cool additional feature for some people to consider.

Oven Opening

Both ovens cook pizza relatively well, but we did notice one difference that you might want to know about.

The actual opening to the Ooni oven is larger than you get on the Roccbox.

While you might think it’s unimportant, it makes a difference when you want to rotate your pizza.

We find that rotating the pizza works better with the Ooni oven compared to the Roccbox. It can feel like a struggle with the Roccbox, and you don’t want that.

roccbox pizza oven

General Use

Generally speaking, both the Roccbox and Ooni pizza ovens work well. There’s not a lot to them when cooking a pizza, but we have a couple of differences you might want to know about.

Pizza Stone

When it comes to the pizza stone, the version you get with the Ooni oven comes across as thinner and just not as good as the Roccbox version.

Now that may not feel like a big deal to you, but the Roccbox stone does seem more substantial and as if it would last longer.

But then, if you take care of how you use it and maintain the stone, the Ooni version will not disappoint you too much.


There is a difference in the overall design, and one major factor is that only the Ooni pizza oven comes with a chimney.

This will often come down to personal preference, but many feel a chimney makes it easier to control the oven and get a better pizza.

However, we don’t see it as really that big a deal, but you should know that a chimney is at least missing with the Roccbox oven.

Outside Temperature Gauge

We certainly enjoy the fact that the Roccbox comes with a temperature gauge on the outside of the oven.

That does make it easier for you to know exactly what is going on with the oven itself, and it does reduce the risk of you making an inferior pizza.

However, you can just take time to ensure your oven is up to the correct temperature, then this does not have to represent a huge thing. 

Overall Winner – The Ooni Pizza Oven

When we look at everything, it’s a close run between both pizza ovens, but we can only choose one as a winner, and it’s the Ooni pizza oven.

For us, the reason why we went for the Ooni oven was simply that it represents better value for money, and it also just doesn’t weigh as much.

Also, that opening for rotating your pizza makes it easier to get a pizza cooked more evenly.

But that’s not to say the Roccbox is a bad pizza oven. That’s certainly not the case at all. But it costs more, and if they would only come out with different size options, that would help.

Either oven will cook pizza well. They both get up to the same temperature, and you certainly won’t feel disappointed if you end up with the Roccbox.

But if you want better value for money, then the Ooni pizza oven has to win.

Also, it’s worth remembering that you have a significant price difference between the options.

If you want to stick to a real budget, then you only have one option: go ahead and buy an Ooni pizza oven.

Overall though, we reckon you will love either option. The most important thing is to go ahead and enjoy pizza via your own pizza oven, and either of these options can do that for you.