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What are Pizza Burgers Made of?

Have you ever thought about trying a pizza burger? Do you even know what a pizza burger is made of, or does it exist?

Well, if you are indeed new to this entire concept, we have some good news. In the next few minutes, you will learn everything there is to know about a pizza burger, from what it involves to what it’s made from.

By the end, you will find yourself in a much better position to decide if this is something you wish to check out.

However, when you learn what’s included in a pizza burger, then we reckon you will quickly discover that this is something you should want to go ahead and try.

pizza burgers

What is a Pizza Burger?

A pizza burger could easily become one of your favorite meals, and when you find out what’s included in it, then you will understand what we mean.

The main idea here is to combine a burger patty with your favorite pizza toppings.

The most common toppings include cheese, onions, sauce, and pepperoni. Even with those toppings, you can see where the pizza idea comes from.

But here we have another question. Do you have the bun with a pizza burger?

This question usually ends up with people arguing that you must have the bun part to complete the pizza burger. However, while some will slap the bun on just as it is, others will prefer to toast the bun before adding it and completing the meal.

How Do You Make it?

When looking at how to make a pizza burger, you need to decide if you plan on making the burger patty yourself or purchase pre-made patties.

Either works, and it all depends on how invested you are in this type of thing. But let’s go with making the burger patty yourself.

Let’s get one thing straight, though, we aren’t talking about getting ground beef, pressing out the patty, and seasoning it.

You can buy pre-pressed burgers, but you need to go ahead and start adding some other ingredients for the sake of the pizza burger.

Take the burger, and season it with some Italian-style seasoning. You don’t want the full-on meat taste, so seasoning can change it enough to make a difference.

At this point, you have a choice. You can either fry or grill it or go one additional step.

The Additional Step – Sauce

Some people prefer to make what is known as a Sloppy Joe’s style sandwich. This refers to taking the patty and effectively breaking it down before adding pizza sauce to the meat.

You can then reform the patty into a burger shape, but this time you have the pizza sauce running through.

Once you have mixed this, you can grill or fry the burger.

pizza burger with bun

After the Burger

We can jump forward now to the point after the burger has been cooked. Here, you need to think about starting to create your pizza burger.

The Bun

Get your bun and cut it in half. You can then decide either to toast it, or leave it as it is. We recommend you toast it to get some of that crunch just as you would with a pizza.

To get a better crunch, you should brush the bun with either some oil or butter. That will crisp up nicely and stop the bun from coming out dry and destroying the overall taste.

Once you have toasted the bun, you can then get to work creating your pizza burger.

The Toppings

The toppings part is where you can go ahead and have some real fun with a pizza burger. Your only limitation is the size of the burger, as it’s all too easy for things to fall off the sides.

So, while it’s not for us to go ahead and tell you what to put on your pizza burger, we have a few suggestions.

First, you need cheese. No pizza burger can work or taste nice if it does not have any cheese. Also, we would go for both cheddar and Mozzarella.

By using both types of cheese, you should get a good result, exactly as you do with a normal pizza. However, don’t add too much or it will all melt and fall off the sides. 

You may also decide to add more pizza sauce. This would go on before the cheese, so think about it carefully.

If you add sauce to the burger before cooking, you may feel you don’t require any additional sauce.

Toppings Other than Cheese

You can easily take any topping you put on a pizza and apply it to a pizza burger. 

Our favorite is pepperoni. It does mean meat overload, but it just works so well on pretty much anything you can imagine.

Of course, you want to go ahead and cook the pepperoni first and then add it to your pizza burger, so it’s treated no differently to if you were making your pizza.

But that’s not all

Onions also work well; we would fry them up before adding them. You can also add some peppers or mushrooms if you want to increase the vegetable count, and they too will work very well with a pizza burger.

But you don’t have to stop there.

Some chopped chili, a BBQ sauce, or even some chicken could be added if you wanted to. It all depends on how you want your pizza burger to taste, as the options and possibilities will carry on forever.

tasty pizza burger

Putting Everything Together

You clearly don’t want to add your cheese and toppings to think that your pizza burger is ready to eat. It doesn’t work like that.

You need to take your burger with the toppings and grill it. Alternatively, you could throw it in the oven as the aim is to get the cheese to melt and those toppings to turn into something you would expect to see on a pizza.

By all accounts, this should not take long to happen. Remember, your burger was cooked before, so you don’t want to overdo things either. But getting those toppings melted and looking fantastic is your aim.

Once you feel content with how everything looks, you can then take the burger and toppings out and wrap it up in the bun.

Alternative Ideas

You should also know that not everyone uses the entire bun when making a pizza burger. Some people prefer to leave the top open and only use the bun on the bottom to make the crust.

This approach certainly makes it feel more like you have a pizza, or it can make you feel you simply have a more fanciful burger in front of you. But honestly, the most important aspect is the array of toppings you place on the burger.

Are They Any Good?

Finally, is a pizza burger any good? Well, it does give you something different to try, and you can see where the pizza burger idea comes from when you look at how everything is put together.

The key is to get a good patty. That will either make or break the entire dish, so don’t go cheap and focus on getting the best patty you can find.

If the patty fails to make the grade, then all those other toppings will find it impossible to pull the meal up to something you find satisfactory.

But for something a bit different as a snack, this pizza burger concept appeals to many people. If you follow a vegetarian lifestyle, you can swap out the patty for a vegetarian option, and everything else will work as well as you would hope.


Overall Conclusion

So you now know what to expect when it comes to a pizza burger, and you can go ahead and make your unique version depending on personal preference.

This pizza burger concept should not prove difficult, even if you have never made something like this before.

It involves you cooking a burger, adding toppings, and putting it together. What could go wrong with that concept?

That’s the absolute beauty of a pizza burger. You can add any toppings you like just as you would do when making your own pizza. The freedom and opportunities do end up feeling as if you have an endless list.

Pile it high, or go simple with your toppings. Alternatively, play around with toppings and see which combination turns out your favorite.

The key is to go crazy, if you would like to, and then find out what the result tastes like.

At the end of the day, we know that if you love burgers, you will also love this pizza burger idea. All you need to do now is to get some burgers, and get to work on creating your very own toppings.