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What Does MOD Pizza Stand For?

What do we actually mean when we talk about a mod pizza? So, What does MOD stand for? This may very well be a term you have heard, and yet there could be some uncertainty as to what it all means. So, let’s clear that up.

You see, people quickly become fed up with trying to choose from the same pizza toppings as put together by the pizzeria. So, any opportunity to try something different is going to entice and tantalize the taste buds. 

That is where the mod pizza comes into its own.

different mod pizzas

The Answer

A mod pizza simply stands for ‘Made-On-Demand’ and it’s primarily linked with the MOD Pizza fast-food chain in the United States. Making your pizza on-demand does open up a wide range of possibilities, and it quickly becomes apparent why this approach may prove successful.

But that then makes you sit and wonder how it all works. After all, if you plan on checking it out then it makes sense to know all about your options. So, that’s what we plan on taking you through next.

More About MOD Pizza

MOD Pizza actually launched back in 2008, and they realized that simply opening up another pizzeria in a place like Seattle would probably not work. So, they understood the need to take a different approach. 

This requirement led to them developing the idea of pretty much everything being done on demand. However, they knew people would not sit around waiting too long for their pizza, so there was another need to ensure everything was prepared in double-quick time.

Since then, MOD Pizza has certainly built a good reputation and has added more restaurants across the country. So, they must be doing something right when it comes to the actual pizza.

How MOD Pizza Works

You have so many options with a made-on-demand pizza, and it starts off with the size. Yep, you have an individual size available to you, so if you just feel like a small bite to eat, then your pizza can accommodate that. 

However, if you feel like diving into a pizza and eating as much as possible, then MOD pizza has you covered with that as well.

But the size is not the only way in which you can modify your pizza.

The Toppings

MOD Pizza has more than 40 different toppings you can choose from, which provides you with countless combinations all unique to your own personal preference. You have the opportunity to add in completely bizarre and strange toppings that throw together weird flavors. It’s entirely up to you.

Of course, you will find all the usual suspects in these toppings, so there’s nothing surprising in that respect. However, the way you decide to put those toppings together remains unique to you.

mod pizza on plate

The Finishing Sauces

If that wasn’t enough to contend with, you also have eight different finishing sauces available, and this just adds even more flavor to your pizza. Once again, you can use whichever one you want, it really is entirely up to you. 

This does mean you have even more opportunities to go ahead and create something as crazy as you like. 

But They Do Offer Regular Pizza

However, if this all sounds a bit too much for you to think about, then they do provide several regular pizza options as well. Sometimes, the idea of having so many options can overwhelm, and that can certainly happen when you can design a pizza on demand like this. 

How it All Works

The way this all works simply begins by you looking at all of the options and starting to formulate in your mind what you think you would like on your pizza. However, we do recommend kicking things off with the crust. After all, you need to know the size and thickness of the crust to then determine if it can hold onto the toppings.

Choosing Your Crust

They form the crust by hand, and that opens up the possibility of having it at pretty much any size you want. In fact, the only real limitation would be the size of the oven they cook it in, but that’s certainly not the norm to push those limitations.

So first, think of the size and depth. That’s going to make life so much easier when it comes to selecting your toppings since you know how much space you have available. 

Choosing Your Toppings

Feel free to go absolutely crazy when it comes to the toppings. You have so many to choose from, and the combination you settle on is something that only you will decide.

So what if you want mushrooms and pineapples on a pizza? If that’s what you want, then they will make it for you. 

But do keep in mind that different toppings will require slightly longer in the oven just because of the cooking process. That fact aside, there’s nothing stopping you from adding as many toppings as you like when it comes to a MOD pizza.

The same goes for the sauce. Once again it’s open season in that respect from the various sauces available, and you can mix and match them with the toppings in any way you see fit.

Then You Just Need to Wait

After that, all you need to do is to wait for your pizza to come out of the oven. At least you know everything is freshly made, since they need to wait on you to give them your ingredients list to make it, and they do try to produce a pizza in as short a time as possible.

Now, we can’t tell you how long it’s going to take. So many different factors play a role in the preparation and cooking area that it’s impossible to say. However, it’s all worth it in the end when you consider that you were the one that put the ingredients together.

a slice of mod pizza

Any Problems with a MOD Pizza?

Honestly, it’s tough finding any sort of problem when it comes to a MOD pizza. Actually, the only possible issue focuses on the number of options available. It quickly becomes overwhelming, and you may find yourself in a position of not knowing what to order.

But we think this is a good problem to try to contend with when you love pizza. The entire approach also makes so much sense.

Think about it for a second. You go to a pizzeria, and you see the same thing over and over no matter the name that sits above the door. This approach does away with that particular problem.

Instead of simply trying to order the same pizza from different locations, you can order a different pizza from the same location. It’s a complete flip around, and one that means you can keep on going to the same place and never feel bored with the pizza on offer.

That’s pretty cool in our book, and it does mean the Made-On-Demand pizza can transform the way you even feel about pizza in general.

What to Do Next?

So you may find yourself sitting there thinking about what you need to do next, well there’s an easy answer.

Even before you get to the point of ordering a pizza, spend time thinking about the combination of the toppings you have always wanted to try on a pizza. Everyone has this dream toppings list in their mind, and this gives you the chance to actually try it out.

After that, you simply need to order a Made-On-Demand pizza and see if it turns out the way you expected. Admittedly this is not always going to work out. There may very well be some toppings that are just not meant to go together with no matter how much we want them to. 

But that’s not a problem. You mark it down to experience and then try a different combination with some fine-tuning attached to it.

And that’s the key with Made-On-Demand pizza. You can mess around as much as you need until you get the ideal pizza for your taste buds. 

Overall Conclusion

With a Made-On-Demand pizza, you have so many opportunities to create something completely unique to your own personal preferences and tastes. You no longer find yourself restricted by the menu and the feeling of having to stick with what the pizzeria decides to make available to customers.

The freedom to choose any aspect of your pizza means you can have exactly what you want at any given time, and that’s huge. It means you can stick to the more common toppings, or go wild and explore new tastes and flavors by throwing together things that just should not work.

With so many options, we do recommend checking it out for yourself, and if you aren’t quite happy with the first result, then don’t worry. At least with a Made-On-Demand pizza, you will never find yourself short of different things to try out. What Does MOD Pizza