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What is On Domino’s Chicken Alfredo Pizza?

If you thought that a pizza needs that tomato sauce on the base to qualify as a pizza, then think again. So, what is on Domino’s chicken alfredo pizza?

Domino’s chicken alfredo pizza.
dominos chicken alfredo pizza

You see, Domino’s does offer a wide range of different pizza options, and we think they do a pretty good job when it comes to offering you that variety.

However, we also know that people may hear about a particular pizza and then have no idea what’s included in it.

So, we should do something about that.

The thing about a chicken alfredo pizza from Domino’s is that it does come with some slightly different ingredients to what you would expect to see on a pizza. However, that’s not something that should then put you off trying it out.

With that in mind, let’s go ahead and break down what’s on offer with this pizza and help you decide whether or not you want to order it.

The Main Difference – The Sauce

The key here is the alfredo sauce. That alone should tell you that something different is about to happen with this pizza.

Instead of a tomato sauce base, you get a white sauce that adds some cheese to it to give the sauce a real flavor punch. That sauce is then spread all over the crust to add that different flavor and make it nice and moist.

Now, this alfredo sauce is not difficult. Even Domino’s themselves state how it consists of water, cream, and Parmesan cheese.

It’s as simple as that, and yet it manages to change the taste of the pizza completely and doesn’t even get us started on the appearance.

We do admit it takes a bit of getting used to seeing that white sauce on a pizza.

However, if you can manage to work your way around the visual difference, we can guarantee that you will love the taste.

dominos chicken alfredo pizza

Why This Sauce?

An alfredo sauce is not common in pizza, but Domino’s wants to change things. Also, it’s not as insane as it sounds. 

The thing about the alfredo sauce is the cheese aspect. It adds a whole other dimension to the pizza, and it does so from the crust through the toppings.

It does completely change the appearance and taste of the pizza, but it contains flavors that work so well with chicken. How many chicken dishes come with a white sauce attached to it? 

Of course, the answer is that many of them do, and we don’t see why pizza is immune or missing out on all that fun.

The alfredo sauce is a great addition to a pizza, and while it certainly would not work with every topping, there’s no doubt it works well here. 

What Else is On There?

So, the sauce is the main deal with this pizza, but that’s not everything you should know about a chicken alfredo pizza. 

There’s chicken and lots of it; we don’t see that as a problem. We mean juicy chicken chunks spread all over the pizza, and let’s face it, chicken and a white cheese sauce always remain something that works well. 

Honestly, you get off to a fantastic start with just those two things.

But that’s not all. You see, the chicken alfredo pizza does tend to come packed with a whole host of other ingredients.

Unless you ask them to leave out certain things, what you get, includes green peppers, black olives, mushrooms, spinach and onions. Now, that’s a real mixture of ingredients, but it’s something that does work well and blends.

Oh, and don’t forget the cheese. You get lots of it with Mozzarella as the cheese of choice for this particular pizza.

Finally, there’s a tomato on top. This particular part comes across as optional, and some report it not appearing.

However, if you need to have some form of tomato on your pizza, it may appear here. 

Now these toppings should remain the same no matter where you are in the country.

Some people do note that different Domino’s locations change a few of the toppings slightly from time to time, but that should not apply to the chicken alfredo pizza.

Do You Need the White Sauce?

When people check out the various toppings, they do ask if you need the white sauce or not. Well, we think this pizza is just not the same if you fail to add that sauce.

However, you can go ahead and get tomato sauce on the base, but that completely changes the pizza. Honestly, it’s not something we recommend because all you have is a normal chicken pizza. 

So if you thought you needed to swap the white sauce, don’t. You will ruin the entire pizza, and the taste will not be the same. 

So yes, you do need the white sauce if you want to take your chicken alfredo pizza seriously.

chicken and bacon alfredo pizza

Anything Else?

Typically, the chicken alfredo pizza at Domino’s will come on their thin-crust pizza or the hand-tossed version, and that’s fine by us.

It means you get a hint of the crust without it overpowering you, and ultimately we feel it leads to a better pizza.

Of course, you can ask for extra cheese and other toppings if you want. But honestly, we don’t think there’s any real need for that.

It turns out that you get ample toppings with the chicken alfredo pizza, which leads to a better overall experience.

You have so many different toppings on there that it feels like you have no space for additional toppings.

Ultimately, you can chop and change things if you want. However, we do recommend checking out the original version before you go ahead and begin to attempt to personalize your pizza.

Is it Any Good?

But is this pizza from Domino’s any good? Well, we think it does work well, and the alfredo sauce they produce is pretty decent.

Incidentally, you can also get their alfredo sauce on some of their pasta dishes, so if you love it that much, you needn’t stop with a pizza.

We feel that Domino’s manages to get the perfect balance regarding the toppings. You certainly get a mixture of tastes and flavors with every bite of this pizza.

But it’s not only us that states this pizza does taste pretty good. It generally receives decent reviews, at least compared to other toppings on offer from Pizza Hut, so we reckon it’s certainly one you should go ahead and check out.

The only thing we recommend is to go for the thin-crust option with your chicken alfredo pizza. It just seems to work so much better as a result. 

What if I Don’t Like the Toppings?

We know that not everyone loves the idea of some of the toppings on the chicken alfredo pizza, but that’s fine. Remember that Domino’s allows you to remove any toppings you don’t like.

So, if you hate olives, don’t stress. You have the option to remove them, but make sure they know about it in advance.

Also, why not swap out something you hate to get double something you love that already appears on the pizza?

Doing so will only increase your general enjoyment of this pizza rather than spending time picking off the things you hate.

We know the combination of the toppings here may come across as a bit unusual, but it’s all balanced and works well.

Basically, we think Domino’s does know what they need to do with this pizza, and it shines through from the first bite into that crust.

Overall Conclusion

 So that is what you will find on a Domino’s chicken alfredo pizza, and hopefully, you did not get too many surprises there.

However, some people don’t realize that an alfredo pizza can come with many toppings like this version.

But Domino’s is not alone in this type of pizza. You will usually find that the regular chicken alfredo pizza remains the same no matter where you go.

We accept that this type of pizza does look different from the norm. However, how a pizza looks is not everything. 

Thankfully, the Domino’s chicken alfredo pizza tends to come with a lot of taste and flavor packed into it, and that’s why we love it so much. With a wonderful crust and a lot of cheese included, what’s not to love about it?

All that’s left for you to do is to go ahead and order one and try it for yourself. It may very well end up becoming your new favorite pizza.