What Size Dominos Pizza is Best For Me?

Let’s say you walk into Dominos and need to decide what size pizza is best for me. You probably already know the size you want. However, do you understand the different sizes that you could actually choose from?

Most people remain unaware of everything that Dominos has to offer when it comes to sizes, and we feel that means you miss out. So, what do we plan to do about it?

The answer is simple. We plan on taking you through the different sizes on offer at each and every Dominos pizzeria in the world. By the end, you will know exactly what to expect the next time you decide you would like pizza.

So what should you expect when it comes to pizza sizes in Dominos? Well, it turns out that there’s quite a lot to get through, and certainly more than most people would expect. 

What Size Dominos Pizza is Best

The Size List

So here’s the problem, the size list varies depending on the crust you order. That does complicate matters slightly, and most people don’t even realize that this happens.

Instead, they often believe that all pizza crusts come in the exact same sizes and don’t even pay attention to what’s going on. 

The General Sizes

In general, you have three main sizes of Dominos pizza available to you, and this is pretty standard across all crust sizes. However, you may find some slight variation depending on the crust you order.

Now part of the problem we have here is the sheer range of pizzas on offer at Dominos. It does mean a number of versions all have the same size, so aside from looking at the general sizes, we will then compare some additional specialty pizzas later on.

But on with the sizes.

The Small Pizza

A small Dominos pizza is going to measure in at 9.5 inches, and that’s certainly larger than you tend to get elsewhere. It doesn’t even sound like a small pizza considering other companies out there measure around six or seven inches, and that’s a huge difference.

It then means you end up with six slices, but each slice does come across as pretty substantial in size. So, if you want a reasonable bite to eat, but don’t feel like running into double figures for the size of a pizza, then this could very well come across as the perfect pizza.

The Medium Pizza

The medium pizza leads to a huge leap in size since it measures in at 14 inches, and that’s big. Actually, some pizzerias don’t even go up to 14 inches with their large pizza, so that gives some indication of the sheer size.

When you order a medium size pizza that measures in at 14 inches, it does provide you with ample opportunity for a huge number of toppings. It also means you get a total of 8 substantial slices, but you will find out later on that not all medium pizzas come in at that measurement. 

Instead, some medium-size pizzas come in at a slightly smaller size, but even then it’s around two inches smaller, so it’s not too big a difference.

slices of dominos pizza

The Large Pizza

If 14 inches sounds like it might just not meet your requirements, then how about the large pizza? This one measures in at 16 inches across, and you get 12 slices when it’s all cut up. 

Now 16 inches is a huge pizza, and it will lead to most people struggling to consume it all in the one go, so you might want to remember that. 

Consider this as an example of just how big this pizza is when you compare it to others. The large MOD pizza measures in at just 11 inches, and that’s a massive difference. 

But it gets more complicated than that.

Toppings and Size?

Before we delve into different options when it comes to the size of a Dominos pizza, let’s clear up one thing. The toppings are not as important when looking at the size of the pizza when you compare it to the crust.

You can generally get any topping you want on any type of crust within the size ranges linked to that crust. It doesn’t matter if you want a meat supreme topping or a simple cheese pizza. The key is the crust, and that’s where Dominos introduces different restrictions regarding the size.

Different Dominos Sizes

You see, we mentioned earlier how the size changes depending on the pizza, and there is a noticeable difference.


The hand-tossed Dominos pizza still comes in three different sizes classed as small, medium, and large. However, the size varies from those listed above.

For example, the small hand-tossed pizza measures 10 inches in size. Admittedly this is only half an inch of a difference, but it does show how things vary depending on the type of pizza.

With this, the medium size pizza measures in at 12 inches, and that’s two inches smaller than the general sizes we spoke of earlier. This two-inch difference also applies when you look at the large hand-tossed as this one measures in at 14 inches as opposed to 16 inches.

The Handmade Pan

There is also a handmade pan pizza on offer via Dominos, and it does only come in one size. This time, it comes in a medium size, and it measures 12 inches across. 

As you can see, that measurement is the same as the hand-tossed pizza. However, you do end up with just one single option when it comes to this particular pizza.

The Brooklyn Style

If you prefer to go for a Brooklyn-style pizza, then you have a couple of options available to you. This time, the Brooklyn style comes in both large and extra-large.

With measurements, the large Brooklyn-style pizza comes in at 14 inches, but the extra-large Brooklyn style is even larger at 16 inches. Now, that’s a big pizza, but then the Brooklyn style comes with slices easy to fold up, so don’t stress about it.

Special Pizza

Dominos offers a range of specialty pizzas, but don’t expect those pizzas to have something different about them when it comes to the size. That’s because even with their specialty pizzas they stick to the normal sizes.

That means the small specialty pizza measures in at 10 inches followed by 12 inches for the medium and 14 inches for the large. Also, they do have several specialty pizzas in the Brooklyn style, and those options do go as large as the 16 inches that you get with the normal Brooklyn style pizza.

pepperoni dominos

Gluten Free

The final crust we need to mention is the gluten free crust. As with the handmade pan, you only have one option when it comes to the size, and this gluten free crust measures 10 inches.

That size of gluten free crust does come as pretty much standard when compared to other pizzerias.

What About Other Crusts?

Obviously the crusts mentioned above do not represent the full range of crusts you can order at Dominos. However, others, such as the thin crust, tend to follow the size range we mentioned at the outset.

But then we do recommend just checking when you order. It’s also worth looking to see if they have some sort of special deal available for your pizza. You could easily end up purchasing a large pizza for the price of a medium, or something similar.

So Which Do You Choose?

With so many options available depending on your pizza, it’s tough to actually select the best pizza size. So, this is what we recommend.

We suggest simply focusing on the type of pizza you prefer rather than the size. That alone will narrow down your options when it comes to the size aspect and make your life substantially easier.

By doing this, you will then notice you generally have three sizes available. But don’t forget those sizes can change as you move between crusts. If in any doubt about the sizing, then simply ask.

Overall Conclusion

Dominos offers you a number of different options when it comes to sizes, but you need to realize that they tend to have larger sizes than most. That does mean you may not need a large pizza considering their medium pizza is often larger than the large from other places.

This is the reason why it’s worth looking at the different crusts to then determine the size you then want. 

Even though the sizes do come with some variation, the difference is often not too big and it’s just worth remembering that Dominos generally produces relatively large pizzas

At the end of the day, you need to think if you want something with six slices, eight, or even twelve. That alone can help determine the size you want, but it’s worth remembering one last thing. Cold pizza in the morning is one of the best things ever invented, so perhaps having that larger pizza can work in your favor.