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What Toppings on Papa John’s Taco Pizza? Full Toppings List

If you want to try something a bit different when it comes to your pizza, then what are the toppings on a Papa John’s taco pizza?

Admittedly this does not come across as the sort of toppings you would expect, but that’s the beauty of pizza.

You see, it doesn’t take much for things to be different with the toppings. But then, when you have something as different as this, then we understand you want to know what’s included.

So, that is what we plan on discussing here today. Just what toppings do you get if you go ahead and order the Papa John’s taco pizza?

Now Papa John’s is not the only pizza chain to look at doing something slightly different when it comes to pizza toppings.

But the idea of taco flavors on a pizza will generally not be one of the first things you think about.

The idea of blending Mexican with Italian should come across as intriguing enough for you to give it a shot.

But if that is something you plan on doing, then you might want to know what’s involved before you go ahead and taste it.

So, should you expect any type of surprise with a taco pizza?

taco pizza

The List of Toppings is Extensive

Perhaps the first thing to mention is that this pizza has a long list of toppings.

Also, it does tend to cover everything you would expect from tacos.

That does mean you will have beef, taco sauce, and a whole host of other things.

Some of them you would just not always expect to find on a pizza.

Now that does come across as something of a surprise, but it does make for an interesting pizza. 

Basically, you should stop and think about what’s in your normal tacos and then imagine it on a pizza.

You see, Papa John’s has not sought to change the wheel when it comes to ingredients.

Instead, they have stuck with what people would rightfully expect from this type of thing.

So, what do you get in the way of toppings?

The Toppings

So here is the full list of toppings you should find on your Papa John’s taco pizza.

However, we cannot guarantee that every Papa John’s will stick to the ingredients list.

With this pizza, you should find the following:

  • Beef mince
  • Beans
  • Onions
  • Tomatoes
  • Lettuce
  • Cheese
  • Mozzarella
  • Nacho chips
  • Sour cream (sometimes as a side)
  • Taco sauce

As you see, there’s nothing really missing from your typical taco list of ingredients, but they manage to put it all on a pizza.

However, that’s not your only option.

chicken taco pizza

Spicy Chicken Tinga Taco Pizza

If luck is on your side, then your local Papa John’s may also include their spicy chicken tinga taco pizza toppings, and that’s going to change things up a bit.

Of course, it does also include different ingredients, and this time we are looking at something completely changing.

So, for the spicy chicken tinga taco pizza, you should expect the following ingredients:

  • Flame-charred pulled chicken
  • Pineapple chunks
  • Red chilies
  • Onions
  • Salsa drizzle

This pizza does not come with any sauce on the base.

Also, the base remains a thin crust, and their intention is to make sure it tastes like you are having tacos.

Admittedly this option does not come across as authentic and cool as the previous taco pizza.

However, if you do not enjoy beef mince on your pizza, then it does mean you have an option still available to you.

Is the Papa John’s Taco Pizza Any Good?

But while it might all sound pretty good when you look at the ingredients list, what does Papa John’s taco pizza actually taste like?

First, it needs to be on that thin crust. It does make a real difference compared to other crusts.

Also, while they do add taco sauce with the beef mince version, they do not go over the top with it, and that’s a big deal.

Out of the two taco pizza options, the original does have the better flavor.

It tastes way more authentic and has more of a bite to it. If you think of the taste of tacos, then the beef mince version is not going to disappoint you too much.

papa johns taco pizza

The Flavors

What Papa John’s has managed to do here, which does come across as impressive, is to take a number of different and distinct flavors and put them together.

You can taste each individual ingredient just as you would do when eating tacos.

That does mean they have somehow managed to strike the perfect balance with the taco sauce and seasoning on the mince.

You can taste everything without one thing managing to overpower everything else, and that’s a great thing.

In addition, the fact they use both cheese and Mozzarella on the topping does also work well.

It helps bridge that gap between feeling as if you are eating tacos, and also the feeling of eating pizza. 

The Chicken Alternative

But things do change when it comes to the chicken tinga taco pizza. Also, this version may not always appear on your local menu.

To enjoy this pizza, you need to love having pineapple on your pizza and that’s not something that appeals to everyone.

Also, with fewer ingredients appearing on this version, it does mean you end up with rather a lot of pineapple, so it can come across as overpowering.

It does come with red chilies and some state how you can have the option of getting them to remove the chilies.

While this option does exist, it’s not something we would recommend.

If you did remove the chilies, then you would lose the majority of the flavor from the pizza.

It would turn it into something quite boring, and that’s not something you should do.

The Crust

Papa John’s will allow you to choose the crust, but we do recommend staying with the thin-crust option.

It does make a difference by providing you with more of a taco experience.

It just doesn’t work the same if you go for a deep-pan with all those toppings.

With this crust, you do get a bit more of that crunch.

That’s one of the best things about tacos in general.

When you then top it off with some nacho chips, for the added crunch of course, then it makes sense not to go too thick with the base.

Any problems with the Pizza?

While people admit that Papa John’s managed to get the taste and flavor quite accurate, the one thing that comes up time and time again is the nachos.

Often, too many nachos end up on top of the pizza, and it just means you can make too much of a mess.

Also, by adding too many of them, it does mean it sort of takes something away from the other toppings.

You spend so much time focusing on either trying to remove some of the nachos or avoiding them falling all over you.

It does take some fun away from the pizza.

So, while they do add something to the overall experience, it may work better if you remove a healthy percentage of the nachos.

It’s still cool to crunch away on them as part of the experience, but maybe pick one up once you have taken a bite of the pizza without the nachos.

So Should You Try Papa John’s Taco Pizza?

In short, we think you should try it, but only if you already love tacos.

Papa John’s has been able to sort of replicate that taco experience but on a pizza. 

It’s certainly a completely different experience from what you would tend to get with a pizza.

Having this combination of flavors will certainly bring your tastebuds to life in ways you wouldn’t imagine with a pizza.

However, our point regarding the nacho chips on top is more important than you may initially realize.

They really do put too many of them on the pizza, and it can potentially ruin what is otherwise a decent attempt at doing something different.

But at least you can simply remove them by hand and place them to the side.

You should still eat them, as you just cannot have tacos without nacho chips, but it’s just overkill when on top of the pizza.

Overall Conclusion

Papa John’s taco pizza contains everything you would ever want if you planned to recreate your typical taco ingredients into a pizza.

It has beef mince, onions, lettuce, and even nacho chips that are then added at the end.

It just shows what’s possible when it comes to pizza toppings.

You have very few limitations if it’s something you really want.

However, the biggest surprise is that it does actually taste pretty good.

But do know that it means a lot of toppings on a pizza, so this one will certainly make you feel full without eating too much of it.

That just means you have more sitting in the fridge as leftovers, so that’s not exactly a bad thing either.