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Where to Buy Frozen Pizza Burgers?

So you feel like trying out a pizza burger at home but don’t want to make one? One thing you could try is to go ahead and buy a frozen pizza burger, but that opens up another question.

Where do you buy frozen pizza burgers? Well, we have all of the answers for you right here.

In just a few minutes, you will find several options available, and each option is pretty tasty.

You see, if you have never attempted a pizza burger, then you may want to try a frozen version to save you from going through the hassle of making things from scratch.

The good news is that several frozen versions do exist, and we think they taste quite good.

a delicious pizza burger

Where to Buy?

You have several brands to choose from, and it’s best to buy them online and get things shipped to you if you struggle to find something in your local store.

For us, we think you should focus on brand names such as Country Magic or Supremes Pizza Burger Patties.

You need to remember that frozen pizza burgers tend to come as more of a special patty than your normal burger, making it tough to find them.

You might also want to check out the likes of Morning Star Farms since they produce a pizza burger complete with tomato and basil.

That alone saves you a lot of time on preparation work with your burger patty as they do all the hard work for you.

We do find that it’s easier to go ahead and get things online rather than in a physical store.

You will discover several small brands that can post out these frozen patties that will still get to you in perfect condition.

Are They Worth Buying?

People often feel put off buying a frozen burger, so is this something you should worry about in this instance? Honestly, you should not allow the fact you have a frozen burger to stop you from buying it.

The key is how the patty has been created to make the perfect pizza burger.

It has been designed to make it easier for the sauce to infuse with the meat, with some already having included the sauce before freezing.

Also, the patties will often come out slightly thinner than what you tend to expect from a burger patty.

That makes a difference as they also look at increasing the surface area to allow more toppings to go on the burger part.

We do feel that they make life so much easier for you when the burger patties have been pre-prepared in this way.

All you need to do is follow the instructions and ensure everything has been cooked before serving.

How to Finish Making Your Pizza Burger

One thing we love about a pizza burger is the way you can mess around with toppings and add anything you like to it.

We suggest adding a lot of cheese, pizza sauce, and pepperoni as a basic pizza burger.

Oh, but we need to mention one other thing: the bun.

Here, you have a couple of options available to you. Some people close the pizza burger off by adding the bun to the top and bottom.

For us, that does make it feel way more like a burger than a pizza, but it’s not the only option.

Some people will add the bun to the bottom only and leave the top open. In our opinion, that does turn it into a pizza than a burger, and many people feel this works as the better option.

But you also need to think about toasting the bun. Toasting the bun does give a sense of a pizza crust on the bottom, so we see that as the minimum you should do. Also, cover the bun in oil before toasting to get it extra crispy.

simpel pizza burger

Adding Your Favorite Toppings

It’s easy to go ahead and add your favorite toppings to a pizza burger, and your main limitation is the patty size.

After all, there’s only so much surface area available to you when dealing with a burger.

But for the toppings, think of anything that goes on a pizza and how well it can work for you in this instance.

Of course, there’s the sauce you need to add, even if it was added to the burger part, and we strongly suggest adding some to give that real pizza burger flavor.

That aside, there has to be the cheese, where cheddar and Mozzarella come into play.

Both work so well, so it makes sense to have both even when dealing with what started as a frozen pizza burger patty.

Add sauce, and then a lot of cheese. You want it that the cheese is almost falling off as you have placed so much on the patty.

That alone will add so much flavor to the result. And then we have the other toppings.

Pepperoni, peppers, onions, chili for a bit of burn, capers, and mushrooms can go in any direction you want. 

But that is the absolute fun of a pizza burger. Just as you have so much freedom to add any toppings you like to a pizza, the same applies to this.

vegan pizza burger

The Key to Cooking Frozen Pizza Burgers

But we do have the key to cooking frozen pizza burgers. For us, the main thing is to make sure you use an actual pizza burger rather than attempting to adapt a normal burger patty.

A pizza burger needs the ability to have that sauce mixed into the burger to give it that real Sloppy Joe’s experience.

While that’s not always required, we feel it produces a better pizza burger.

You must remember that the pizza burger has to go under heat on two occasions, so you don’t want to completely cook everything the first time you ask.

Instead, you need to ensure the pizza burger patty comes out at around 90% cooked, ready for you to finish it off later.

The reason why you leave that last 10% is due to the need to add the toppings and then put things either under the grill or back in the oven.

The toppings need to melt and cook to give you the finished result.

If you completely cook the patty, then all that happens is you overcook the burger part, and that could destroy your whole pizza burger experience.

Look at the time it takes for the frozen burger to cook, and subtract 10% of that time. 

Alternatively, check the packaging to determine if the brand offers any advice, as they should know that things go back under heat to finish it off.

Why Frozen Over Fresh?

Finally, you might wonder why you would go for frozen over fresh, and there is only one reason why it’s better, and that’s the convenience with storage.

Fresh burgers have a relatively short time where you can store them safely in your fridge before using them.

Frozen burgers can survive in your freezer for months at a time.

That’s useful because some of the brands that offer frozen pizza burgers only do so in relatively large quantities.

We are talking about some of them offering them in packs of 40 patties, so you need them to survive for a long time.

But that is why we love them. The ease with which you can take one or two patties out when ready and start cooking them in minutes makes this the perfect way to have a pizza burger whenever you feel like one.

We think it’s better to go with frozen over fresh for that reason.

Overall Conclusion

So that is where you can go ahead and buy frozen pizza burgers, and we believe you will love the result.

With several brands producing quality pizza burgers, all you need to do is to finish off the cooking process for what is ultimately a cool snack.

Go crazy with your toppings, but focus primarily on the cheese aspect. Add in several types of cheese, and make sure it’s all melted and falling off the side of the burger.

When cooked correctly, you won’t realize or remember that it all started with a frozen pizza burger.

Nobody will believe you if you go ahead and tell them. All that’s left for you to do is to buy some of those frozen pizza burgers. A great snack or meal awaits.

Just think about your toppings and see where they may lead you. We promise it will incorporate a lot of fun and set your taste buds alive at the end.