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Where to Buy One Bite Frozen Pizza?

One Bite frozen pizza is available in four different toppings, and while they do not offer anything too out of the ordinary, it’s cool to see where you can buy it. After all, you may have heard of this frozen pizza, but have never managed to find it so far.

Well, that’s all about to change.

We will take you through not only everything you need to know about the toppings, but more importantly where to find it.

You see, while this frozen pizza is not found in every single location, it’s easier to get your hands on it than you think.

So, let’s go through everything we think you need to know about this particular brand of frozen pizza.

After checking out what we have to say about it all, you should then find it easier to determine if you should even bother buying it in the first place. 

The Answer

First, let’s clear up the issue of where you can buy the One Bite frozen pizza, and you have a couple of options. 

Of course, you can buy it online via the Bar stool Sports website and they will send it out to you. That’s a cool option, but it’s not the only one you have available.

Instead, this company has also struck a deal with Walmart, so you stand a good chance of seeing their pizza right there with the other frozen options.

It should mean you have the opportunity to get your hands on this pizza. However, we clearly cannot state that every single Walmart will have it in stock. So, best you check it out.

But don’t worry if you do struggle to find it at Walmart, they do state that you can also check out two other websites to see if they have them in stock. Those websites are www.happifoodi.com and the official website for Fresh Direct.

I think that will prove ample opportunities to go ahead and get your hands on one of the pizza options in this range. However, you may want to know a bit more about those options prior to handing over any of your hard-earned cash.

one bite pizza

The Pizza

As we said, this range of frozen pizza comes with four different options from a topping perspective.

You can expect to find pepperoni, 3 meat, 5 cheese, and supreme. Now, two of those will come across as self-explanatory, but what about the other two?

The 3 Meat Option

The 3 Meat option available includes pepperoni, sausage and bacon. We think that’s a pretty good combination, and they do seem to be quite generous when it comes to the actual toppings.

Of course, it still includes more than enough cheese on top, so if you are a meat lover, then this option could work well.

At first glance, you do receive more than enough in the way of toppings with this meat pizza. We don’t think you will feel short-changed should you go ahead and purchase this pizza. 

The Supreme Option

The other one that does need some explanation is the Supreme pizza. After all, you may not even know what they mean by this. Well, it’s easy to follow.

It turns out that the Supreme pizza from One Bite includes sausage, pepperoni, onions, red peppers and finally green peppers.

That’s pretty standard when it comes to the idea of a Supreme pizza, so it doesn’t appear as if One Bite frozen pizza tries to do anything too different.

The other two are your basic, but also classic, pepperoni or multiple cheese options. You will not come across anything different from what you would expect here, so that does make these options quite a safe bet.

Overall, we think the toppings do come across as adequate, even though we wish that the company offered a wider selection. 

A Warning About Buying the Pizzas?

Just before we delve into the story behind the pizza brand, a word of warning. When looking to buy this pizza, just know that the Barstool Sports website will sometimes only allow you to purchase in a pack of four. 

Also, you may want to check the options that appear on the Walmart website. You may find that this same pack of four rule applies even on there. 

This pack of four does come in various combinations. You may have the same topping for all four, or you could purchase one of each topping in a pack.

It’s really up to you, but they will not want to sell you just one single frozen pizza. It just doesn’t make it worth their while, so having a minimum order works out well for both parties.

However, we do not generally see that as much of a problem. After all, it’s a frozen pizza so it lasts months without having to stress about it going out of date. 

the one bite pizza

Who is Behind the Pizza?

Checking out who is behind this One Bite pizza turns out to be quite interesting. You see, even though it’s created by a huge name in the frozen food industry in Happi Foodi, that’s not who created it.

Instead, it’s a YouTuber

Yes, you got that right, a YouTuber is the name behind the One Bite frozen pizza, and if you have ever checked out pizza reviews on the platform, then something may prove familiar.

That’s because it’s linked to the One Bite pizza review by Dave Portnoy.

His reviews have gone viral as he has tasted pizza all over the US since he appears on a mission to pretty much try pizza every single place he visits. But that has led to a problem. 

You see, when you effectively make a living out of reviewing something, it does lead to people telling you to put your money where your mouth is. So, that led to the creation of One Bite frozen pizza.

This does come across as a slightly unusual way of getting into the frozen pizza market, but his success as a YouTuber did make it easier to get his name out there.

After all, it’s rare for a company the size of Walmart to go ahead and take the plunge with a brand new product such as this when so much competition exists.

But a Frozen Pizza?

It’s easy to see why you may wonder how a pizza slice reviewer who goes to pizzerias would then decide to make a frozen pizza. Well, it will become clearer once you understand more of the back story.

This frozen pizza range actually has Covid-19 to blame. You see, Dave had to stop doing the sort of “in-person” reviews thanks to places being closed, and travel becoming difficult.

So, when you have a popular YouTube channel and a growing following to take care of, what do you do?

His answer was to start to review all of the different frozen pizza options out there to choose from. Once again, it proved a hit, and that apparently got him thinking about his own range.

Well, other people also told him to do it, and the result is the One Bite frozen pizza brand.

one bite cooking instructions

Is it Any Good?

You would love to think that an individual who has admitted to tasting over 1000 different pizzas would know a thing or two about what would make a good one.

Well, that’s the theory, and after having launched just over a year ago, it does seem as if the sales for this pizza have remained relatively good.

Honestly, this frozen pizza does not come across as having anything special or different about it. Apparently Dave Portnoy did set out in an attempt to make the best sauce for a frozen pizza, and that remains a big claim to make. 

Is it Popular?

Considering it has been on sale for over a year now, it does appear that this particular brand of frozen pizza remains popular.

Also, it appears fairly priced, at least compared to the main competition, so you should have no real complaints when it comes to checking out this pizza.

However, it does remain on sale at thousands of Walmart stores, as well as online, and Walmart would not continue to stock this pizza if people failed to purchase it.

Overall Conclusion

When it comes to purchasing a One Bite frozen pizza, you can do so either via their own website, or your local Walmart may also stock it.

However, as we said earlier, there’s no way we can guarantee that your Walmart will have it, so you need to take a chance.

It’s cool when someone known for their pizza reviews decides to take the plunge and show what they can do. Now it’s up to you to find one locally and give it a shot.

Let’s see if you think that a reviewer does know what they are talking about when it comes to making the same product they have built a career either praising or destroying.

It’s going to probably come across as quite interesting for you to find out.