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Which Domino’s Pizza is the Best? Ranked Worst to Best

If you plan on going ahead and ordering a pizza from Domino’s, then you want to know which Domino’s pizza is the best and the toppings to go for, and those to avoid. So, that’s what we plan on doing right here.

Ordering pizza can be fine art, and it’s also very easy to get things wrong when it comes to ordering. But we don’t want that happening to you.

Instead, what we intend to do here is to take you through different pizzas from Domino’s and rank them from worst to best. Now, we know that doing this means we need to give you our opinion, which could certainly differ from yours. 

However, we have also looked at what other people say regarding pizza from Domino’s to make it easier to create this list. Hopefully, you will find it interesting and make it easier for you when you want to order a pizza.

dominos cheeseburger pizza

Cheeseburger Pizza

The cheeseburger pizza often ranks quite low in lists regarding Domino’s, and it does so for a couple of very good reasons.

The main problem is the sauce that appears on this version. It’s a ketchup and mustard sauce, and honestly, it just does not belong on a pizza at all. 

That sauce is the reason why the entire pizza ends up tasting pretty awful. It has such a strange taste that it doesn’t even matter what the rest of the toppings taste like. This pizza simply misses the mark on that point alone.

Wisconsin 6 Cheese Pizza

The problem with this pizza is that Domino’s has managed to go completely crazy with the cheese, which is a bad thing in this instance. 

The problem isn’t so much the amount of cheese but the blend of cheese they have included. It’s just too much when you have cheddar, feta, Mozzarella, and so many others that it creates something of a mess.

What you need to do with this pizza is actually to add some of our toppings. That defeats the purpose of getting a pizza in the first place, but at least it will help balance out some of the cheese.

Ultimate Pepperoni

The problem we have with the ultimate pepperoni pizza is not so much the pizza but rather the way Domino’s goes about changing the price of this pizza.

They make a big deal because you ordered some special pepperoni pizza where they go over the top with those slices, but is it true?

You could order a normal pepperoni pizza and ask for extra pepperoni, and you get the same thing. But you then end up saving yourself some money in the process.

That does then render this pizza quite useless when they ask you to pay a premium price.

chicken taco pizza

Chicken Taco Pizza

The chicken taco pizza does come across as something strange, and it’s no surprise that it has struggled to gain any kind of grip on the market. The main issue tends to be the sauce they have included on the pizza. It just doesn’t work. 

The problem is that they use a standard sauce and then throw what they describe as taco seasoning. It leads to a strange taste to the sauce, and it overpowers the rest of the toppings.

Cali Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

This pizza is in the middle ground when it comes to taste, as it’s not too bad without being too spectacular. It does come with chicken breast, bacon, cheese, and tomatoes which all work well, but that’s not the problem.

The problem comes when you realize it has ranch dressing on the pizza. Once again, that’s not something that should appear on a pizza, and that’s where we have a bit of a problem.

Overall, if you can get past the ranch dressing idea, then this pizza tastes pretty good.

Philly Cheese Steak Pizza

The Philly cheese steak pizza certainly takes pizza options to a whole new level. The only real problem we have with this option is the way that steak is not something you should have on a pizza. 

Honestly, it just doesn’t fit with us as steak should be simply left as steak.

But the saving grace here is that the overall flavors of this pizza work pretty well together, and the consensus is that this pizza tastes good. 

But there is a bit of a problem. If you love the Philly cheese steak idea, then trying to get it around your head that it’s tied into a pizza is something you will struggle with.

However, if you can do that, you could find that this pizza is a winner for you.

Meatzza Pizza

If you love meat, then this pizza will undoubtedly appeal to you. It comes with pepperoni, Italian sausage, ham, and beef all on one pizza, so it has a meaty taste.

But that’s what we love as it’s all done to excess with this pizza. Add in a healthy dollop of cheese, and you have a pizza that is one of the best on the menu at Domino’s 

The only downside is they could have added in some turkey or chicken to balance it out. The meat interest is rather one-sided, and they should have addressed that in some way.

pacific veggie pizza

Pacific Veggie Pizza

While we appreciate pizza options that go big on the veggie side of toppings, this pizza does go along a fine line of offering veggies but also offering too much.

The problem is that it can end up tasting something like a salad on top of a pizza, and that’s not something most people would like to experience. We mean olives, cheese, tomatoes, peppers, and even spinach appears, so you do need to enjoy going big on those veggies.

But the taste is not too bad, even though it does need your Domino’s to go easy on the toppings to make it tasty.

Honolulu Hawaiian Pizza

The Hawaiian pizza has long been a favorite for so many people, but if you thought this would be your typical Hawaiian pizza, then you would be wrong.

Instead, Domino’s has included several other ingredients that change the overall taste. You can expect bacon and roasted red peppers along with the toppings you would expect on this pizza.

Also, their sauce is impressive, but it doesn’t take too much away from the toppings, so don’t expect it to overpower. This pizza is one of the best out there, and it has enough of a mix of flavors to appeal to most people.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

The buffalo chicken pizza offers a good amount of flavor without sounding too much for your tastebuds to deal with. We love how they use buffalo sauce on the pizza, and it’s good that their buffalo sauce is one of the best out there.

If you imagine chicken wings with buffalo sauce, you just need to translate that into a pizza version, and you then come close to what this pizza tastes like. We were impressed with it, but it’s still not the best pizza at Domino’s.

ExtravaganZZa Pizza

We feel that the best pizza at Domino’s is the ExtravaganZZa pizza, and we think this is for a good reason; it tastes amazing. We love the fact it includes so many different toppings on the one pizza that anybody will find something they like.

For us, you will see this pizza as an absolute feast for the eyes. You don’t know where to look when it comes to this pizza, as you have so many toppings to take in that you end up feeling confused, but it’s a good source of confusion.

It’s a fact they include every type of topping you can imagine that makes this one stand out. Also, the sauce is pretty good, and you will have no problem finding aspects of this pizza that appeal to you.

Overall Conclusion

So those are the best and worst Domino’s pizzas, and we hope it has given you some insight into the different options and which ones may indeed miss the mark.

Now we know you could rightfully disagree with what we have had to say, and that’s the great thing about pizza. What is wonderful for one person could be a disaster for others.

Ultimately, we think the best thing for you is to go ahead and try different pizzas from Domino’s and start to create your own ranked list according to your personal preferences.

At least this way you can learn more about the things you like and the things you don’t like. 

Also, it gives you another opportunity to go ahead and order some pizza, and that’s never a bad thing in our eyes.