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Which Major Chain Has the Best Gluten-Free Pizza?

Knowing which major pizza chain has the best gluten-free pizza makes a difference. If you suffer from an allergy to gluten or are simply intolerant to it. Knowing which pizza chain makes the best gluten-free pizza makes a difference.

After all, you may already know that not all gluten-free options taste the same. 

Sadly, some companies do a better job of creating gluten-free products than others, and it can seriously alter your impression of that entire brand. 

But we aren’t talking about a long list of gluten-free products. Instead, we will focus on just one thing, and it’s kind of important.

Out of all the different pizza chains on the market, which pizza chain has the best gluten-free pizza? Hopefully, we can find out and come to some sort of a conclusion to help you when it comes to ordering your pizza.

Gluten-free crusts appear in some shape or form on the menu of most chains. But they certainly do not play a major role in what they offer their customers.

Gluten-Free Pizza

The Answer

This question is not easy to answer as so much is always subjective. However, our answer here comes from the range of pizza options that a particular pizza chain offers those who wish to eat gluten-free.

That means we opt for MOD pizza, but we need to explain why we feel it’s the best and why you may very well want to give them a shot the next time you want pizza.

Perhaps this answer surprises you, as it’s not the first major chain people would think of, but it does show how larger chains just do not come across as caring too much for gluten-free crusts. We really hate this fact, but you do have some choices out there if you need to avoid gluten with your pizza needs.

mod pizza
Chain Gluten-Free Pizza

How We Made Our Choice

So this is how we actually tried to make our choice.

First, we looked at the options available on the menu, but we do know you have extremely limited choices when it comes to gluten-free crusts. Next, we had to look at the taste as that’s the all-important part.

But aside from looking at the good parts, we also had to determine where the winning crust could let you down. After all, we need to come across as fair and honest with our opinion.

Eventually, we reached our conclusion, and we landed on MOD pizza as delivering the best gluten-free crust when we balance out all of the different criteria. It wasn’t easy, but here we have the different reasons why we then thought this was the best choice.

Two Options

For us, one massive positive point is the fact they offer not only a gluten-free crust but also a cauliflower crust on the menu as well. That does mean you don’t have to stress as much about things when ordering your gluten-free crust.

MOD pizza remains one of the very few pizza chains that does offer a cauliflower crust as a standard option. Sadly, other larger pizza chains appear to have missed the boat with all of this, and there’s no sign of them adding it to their menu.

Chain Gluten Free-Pizza

The Gluten-Free Crust at MOD Pizza

The gluten-free crust available at MOD pizza has rice flour as its primary ingredient. This does make it different to many other pizza chains where they tend to include several types of gluten-free flour in the ingredients. 

Sometimes, this mixing of different flours results in the crust ingredients not blending too well, and that means the crust often comes across as lacking in something. This does not appear to happen that often when looking at the option available at MOD pizza.

What Does it Taste Like?

Keep in mind that the crust is thin and crispy by nature, but then most thin-crust pizzas do tend to come across as crispy. However, with the gluten-free crust from MOD pizza, it does not have too much crunch, and we see that as a good thing.

Also, there’s the chewy texture that often comes with gluten-free crusts. Because gluten adds so much to the way the crust acts, they do tend to attempt to counteract this using various methods with gluten-free options.

At times, it means the crust turns into a chew fest, and that’s not what you want. However, MOD pizza appears to get the closest to the right chew level.

But we do admit they do not have the best when it comes to the chewing level out of the different pizza chains. If you want that chew factor, then Papa John’s is often viewed as offering the best in that sense.

The Flavor

Texture aside, we need to mention the flavor, and it turns out that the gluten-free crust from MOD pizza has quite a good flavor to it. This crust does not have the bland taste you may encounter elsewhere, and we love that fact.

That’s not to say the crust has the same level of flavor as a crust does when made from gluten, but it has a good enough flavor considering they restrict the types of flour they use. Once again, this crust seems to strike a good balance between everything you tend to look for in this crust.

Also, some pizza chains tend to offer gluten-free crusts that come across as exceptionally sweet. MOD pizza does not have that issue, 

Actually, if you compared the crust from Domino’s with the crust from MOD pizza, then you would see exactly what we mean. If you tasted them, then the difference would astound you.

So, if you hate the idea of a sweet crust, then that’s another reason why you may love the MOD pizza crust.

Chain Gluten Free-Pizza

Any Let-Down Area?

But don’t get us wrong, the gluten-free crust at MOD pizza is far from perfect. In fact, no gluten-free crust comes across as perfect. 

The main issue here is the size, but that’s not something new. All pizza chains seem to struggle when it comes to the size options with a gluten-free crust. Don’t expect to have more than one size to choose from. That’s just not going to happen.

However, aside from this size limitation, the actual crust itself should not disappoint. Also, MOD pizza does allow you to completely customize your pizza, and that in itself makes a difference.

What About Celiacs?

But while the crusts at MOD pizza are indeed gluten-free, you do still need to contend with the issue of cross-contamination, and pizzerias do not tend to fare well with that.

Sure the company can put out guides as to how to handle gluten-free crusts, but the pizzerias themselves do not always follow through.

That does mean they tend to handle gluten-free crusts with the same equipment as the gluten options. Sadly, if you do have celiac disease, then it may end up leading to you needing to avoid a pizzeria in general. It’s just too easy for that cross-contamination to occur.

Overall Why is it the Best?

So let’s try to offer some sort of summary as to why we feel MOD pizza has the best gluten-free pizza crust out of all the major chains.

For us, it’s the way they strike a reasonable balance between flavor and texture. We accept that this crust is far from perfect, but we do tend to struggle when it comes to gluten-free pizza crusts. Generally, they come across as pretty horrible and not worth checking out.

But we do also love the fact they include a cauliflower crust on their menu. Not enough major chains do this, and we wish it would change. 

The fact their toppings also come across as quite good will make a difference. We do love the fact they use completely fresh ingredients wherever possible, and it does balance out well with the gluten-free base.

But our opinion is based on checking out different pizzas from various chains, so we think we have quite a good grip on this whole pizza crust thing. However, we know you may not agree, so the best thing is to go and check out different chains and see which one you think is best.

Overall Conclusion

So while all the major pizza chains do offer a gluten-free option, we feel MOD pizza stands out as the best. We come to this conclusion as the gluten-free crust tastes pretty good.

Then you have the cauliflower crust option to choose from as well, and that’s great news. At the end of the day, it does all come down to what you prefer.

However, all of the different gluten-free crusts tend to come as thin crusts along with a slightly chewy texture to them.

You also then feel at the mercy of how well the chain cooks the pizza, or if they make a mess of it all, so it’s not always the crust to blame if you have a bad experience.